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Antioxidant properties of hydroxy-flavones.
Evidence is provided that hydroxy-flavones exhibit interesting antioxidant properties expressed either by the capacity to scavenge free radicals or to competitively inhibit xanthine oxidase (for 7-hydroxy-Flavones), which may be drug candidates for treating pathologies related to free radical oxidation. Expand
Influence of season on the lipid content and fatty acid profiles of three tilapia species (Oreochromis niloticus, O. macrochir and Tilapia rendalli) from Madagascar
The results show that wild tilapias from tropical lakes of the Madagascar highlands possess beneficial properties and therefore contribute significantly of the n−3 fatty acids intake of the local population diet. Expand
Antioxidant activities and chemical composition of essential oil of Pistacia atlantica from Algeria
Abstract A total number of 34 samples of leaves of Pistacia atlantica Desf. collected randomly from four different locations in Algeria were submitted to hydrodistillation. The essential oilsExpand
Lipids and fatty acids in muscle, liver and skin of three edible fish from the Senegalese coast: Sardinella maderensis, Sardinella aurita and Cephalopholis taeniops.
Lipid content and fatty acid composition were determined in three species of edible fish caught in Senegalese waters during the upwelling season (January, 1993) and the percentages of PUFA found in the fish studied were very similar to those in fish used commercially as sources ofPUFA. Expand
Fatty Acids in Liver, Muscle and Gonad of three Tropical Rays including Non-Methylene-Interrupted Dienoic Fatty Acids
The results show that muscle, liver and gonad of rays can provide high amounts of essential PUFA, specially DHA, for direct human nutrition or the food processing industry and describes the occurrence of unusual NMID FA in all tissues studied. Expand
Simultaneous separation of flavanone glycosides and polymethoxylated flavones in citrus juices using liquid chromatography.
Differentiation of orange juice varieties and mixtures containing tangor juice using polyphenolic profiles and flavonoid content has been achieved and the determination of flavonoids compounds in grapefruit- and orange juice is applied. Expand
Fatty acid and sterol composition of eight brown algae from the Senegalese coast
The fatty acid and sterol composition of eight Phaeophyceae from the Senegalese coast were investigated by capillary gas chromatography and the Dictyota genus seems to be characterized by the presence of high levels of 16:1ω5. Expand
Scavenger and antioxidant properties of ten synthetic flavones.
It is found that the presence of the pyrogallol moiety in the B component of flavones gave rise to radical scavenger activity and that C-6 substituted hydroxyl group may also provide the basis for biological activity. Expand
Antioxidant Activities of Polyphenols Extracted from Perilla frutescens Varieties
Water extracts of dried plants were investigated for their antioxidant activity (AA) and their polyphenolic compounds compared and results were highly correlated within some o-dihydroxylated polyphenolics compounds and AA. Expand