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Study of the therapeutic effects of a hippotherapy simulator in children with cerebral palsy: a stratified single-blind randomized controlled trial
Objective: To investigate whether hippotherapy (when applied by a simulator) improves postural control and balance in children with cerebral palsy. Design: Stratified single-blind randomizedExpand
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Valproate and lamotrigine level variation with menstrual cycle phase and oral contraceptive use
Objective: To determine whether 1) combined oral contraceptive (COC) use affects serum levels of valproate (VPA) as well as lamotrigine (LTG) and 2) the naturally occurring high (mid-luteal) and lowExpand
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Quadrupedal Locomotion: An Introduction to the Control of Four-legged Robots
Part I Walking Measurements and Algorithms Walking Robots Stability in Walking Robots Generation of Periodic Gaits Generation on Non-periodic Gaits New Approaches to Stability Part II ControlExpand
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Haemodynamic response to acute hypovolaemia, rapid blood volume expansion and adrenaline administration in an infant animal model.
We performed a prospective experimental animal study in seven sedated and mechanically ventilated piglets weighing 9+/-0.8 kg, to assess the haemodynamic response to acute hypovolaemia, rapid bloodExpand
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The Evolution of Robotics Research From Industrial Robotics to Field and Service Robotics
his article surveys the evolution of robotics research in the last half century as a response to the evolution of human social needs, from the industr ial robotics that released the human operatorExpand
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Microenvironmental hCAP-18/LL-37 promotes pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma by activating its cancer stem cell compartment
Objectives The tumour stroma/microenvironment not only provides structural support for tumour development, but more importantly it provides cues to cancer stem cells (CSCs) that regulate theirExpand
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Molecular Diagnosis and Precision Therapeutic Approaches for Telomere Biology Disorders
Telomeres are nucleo-protein structures located at the end of chromosomes that protect them from degradation. Telomeres length is maintained by the ac‐ tivity of the telomerase complex. TheseExpand
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First Results on Dark Matter Annual Modulation from the ANAIS-112 Experiment.
ANAIS is a direct detection dark matter experiment aiming at the testing of the DAMA/LIBRA annual modulation result, which, for about two decades, has neither been confirmed nor ruled out by anyExpand
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Oscillation and Chaos in Pitting Corrosion of Steel
The potential and current oscillations during pitting corrosion of steel in sodium chloride (NaCl) solution were studied. Detailed analyses using numerical diagnostics developed to characterizeExpand
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Estimation of the parameters of cardiac function and of blood volume by arterial thermodilution in an infant animal model
Background:  Experimental studies in adults and in animals have reported that estimation of the intracardiac volumes by arterial thermodilution is a more reliable method of blood volume estimationExpand
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