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The Effects of Desert Particles Coated with Sulfate on Rain Formation in the Eastern Mediterranean
Abstract Measurements of aerosol composition in the eastern Mediterranean reveal that sulfate is found in most aerosol particles. Some of the large particles contain mixtures of chemicals such asExpand
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On the interactions of mineral dust, sea-salt particles, and clouds : A measurement and modeling study from the Mediterranean Israeli Dust Experiment campaign
[1] The size distribution and chemical composition of aerosol particles during a dust storm in the eastern Mediterranean are analyzed. The data were obtained from airborne measurements during theExpand
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Chemical and mineralogical analysis of individual mineral dust particles
Individual mineral dust particles collected in a dust storm over Israel were analyzed by a scanning electron microscopy and energy-dispersed system (SEM-EDS). The analysis shows that the particlesExpand
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The chemical composition of aerosols settling in Israel following dust storms
Abstract The chemical composition of settling particles from 23 heavy dust storms in Israel has been determined. These storms occurred over a 20-year period in Jerusalem and Ramat Hasharon, north ofExpand
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The phenomenon of addition of eolian mineral particles to soils during their genesis modifies the classic concept of soil development from underlying parent materials. Numerous evidences have beenExpand
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The frequency of Saharan dust episodes over Tel Aviv, Israel
  • E. Ganor
  • Environmental Science
  • 1 September 1994
Abstract Records of the occurrence and duration of Saharan dust events over Tel Aviv and Ramat Hasharon, over a period of 33 yr, were statistically analyzed, and probabilities were calculated. TheExpand
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The composition of clay minerals transported to Israel as indicators of Saharan dust emission
Abstract Ambient particles, following dust storms originating in the Saharan region as identified by meteorological analysis of synoptic maps, satellite pictures and back-trajectory calculations,Expand
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The Mineralogical and Chemical Properties and the Behaviour of Aeolian Saharan Dust Over Israel
This paper presents an up-to-date survey of the mineralogical and chemical properties and the behaviour of aeolian desert dust over Israel and the Eastern Mediterranean area.
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Emergency room visits of asthmatic children, relation to air pollution, weather, and airborne allergens.
BACKGROUND The worldwide increase in the incidence, prevalence, and severity of asthma may suggest that environmental factors play a role in these epidemiologic changes. OBJECTIVE To examine theExpand
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Size distribution and scattering phase function of aerosol particles retrieved from sky brightness measurements
Ground-based measurements of the solar transmission and sky radiance in a horizontal plane through the Sun are taken in several geographical regions and aerosol types: dust in a desert transitionExpand
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