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Two-Proton Radioactivity of 67
T. Goigoux, P. Ascher, B. Blank, M. Gerbaux, J. Giovinazzo, S. Grévy, T. Kurtukian Nieto, C. Magron, P. Doornenbal, G. G. Kiss, S. Nishimura, P.-A. Söderström, V. H. Phong, J. Wu, D. S. Ahn, N.Expand
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Low-energy electric dipole response in 120 Sn
Electric dipole strength in 120 Sn below the neutron threshold has been extracted from proton inelastic scattering experiments at Ep = 295 MeV and at forward angles including 0 . The strengthExpand
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Investigation of radon concentrations in some reservoirs, spring and tap waters in İstanbul, Turkey
The 222Rn activity in water samples from reservoirs, springs and taps in the area of Istanbul, Turkey has been measured with an AlphaGUARD system. The measured concentrations ranged from 0.6 to 3 BqExpand
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High-resolution (He-3,t) reaction on the double-beta decaying nucleus Xe-136
A (${}^{3}\text{He},t$) charge-exchange reaction experiment on the double-beta decaying nucleus ${}^{136}$Xe has been performed at an incident energy of 420 MeV with the objective to measure theExpand
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Low-spin collective behavior in the transitional nuclei Mo-86,Mo-88
Low-spin structures in Mo-86,Mo-88 were populated using the Ni-58(Ar-36, x alpha yp) heavy-ion fusion-evaporation reaction at a beam energy of 111 MeV. Charged particles and gamma rays were emittedExpand
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Large Impact of the Decay of Niobium Isomers on the Reactor ν[over ¯]_{e} Summation Calculations.
Even mass neutron-rich niobium isotopes are among the principal contributors to the reactor antineutrino energy spectrum. They are also among the most challenging to measure due to the refractoryExpand
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β decay of the exotic Tz=-2 nuclei Fe 48, Ni 52, and Zn 56
The results of a study of the beta decays of three proton-rich nuclei with $T_z=\text{-}2$, namely $^{48}$Fe, $^{52}$Ni and $^{56}$Zn, produced in an experiment carried out at GANIL, are reported. InExpand
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First experiment with the NUSTAR/FAIR Decay Total Absorption γ-Ray Spectrometer (DTAS) at the IGISOL IV facility
Abstract The new Decay Total Absorption Spectrometer (DTAS) has been commissioned with low energy radioactive beams at the upgraded IGISOL IV facility. The DTAS is a segmented detector composed of upExpand
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Observation of the β-delayed γ-proton decay of (56)Zn and its impact on the Gamow-Teller strength evaluation.
We report the observation of a very exotic decay mode at the proton drip line, the β-delayed γ-proton decay, clearly seen in the β decay of the T_{z}=-2 nucleus ^{56}Zn. Three γ-proton sequences haveExpand
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The 71Ga(3He,t) reaction and the low-energy neutrino response
Abstract A 71Ga(3He, t)71Ge charge-exchange experiment was performed to extract with high precision the Gamow–Teller (GT) transition strengths to the three lowest-lying states in 71Ge, i.e., theExpand
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