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Complex effects of aqueous extract of Melampyrum pratense and of its flavonoids on activity of primary cultured hippocampal neurons.
Electrophysiologically, Mp caused a reduction in spontaneous activity, but did not affect membrane properties of individual patch clamped neurons, nor did it affect mEPSCs recorded from these neurons, but a transient increase in reactivity to pulse application of GABA was evident.
Phenolic compounds from two Melampyrum species
Flavonoids and phenolic acids isolated from the herbs of Melampyrum pretense (MP) and M. nemorosum (MN) (Scrophulariaceae) growing in the Ural region have been studied by two-dimensional paper
Quality Standardization and Pharmacotechnological Properties of Melampyrum pratense Grass
The content of moisture, ash, extractive substances, impurities, and the main biologically active substances in the above-ground parts of blue cow wheat (Melampyrum pratense) has been studied. The