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Derivation of lake mixing and stratification indices from high-resolution lake buoy data
Lake Analyzer is a numerical code coupled with supporting visualization tools for determining indices of mixing and stratification that are critical to the biogeochemical cycles of lakes and reservoirs. Expand
Periphyton responses to eutrophication in the Florida Everglades: Cross-system patterns of structural and compositional change
We examined periphyton along transects in five Everglades marshes and related compositional and functional aspects to phosphorus (P) gradients caused by enriched inflows. Results were compared toExpand
Ecosystem respiration: Drivers of daily variability and background respiration in lakes around the globe
We assembled data from a global network of automated lake observatories to test hypotheses regarding the drivers of ecosystem metabolism. We estimated daily rates of respiration and gross primaryExpand
Spatial and temporal patterns of aboveground net primary productivity (ANPP) along two freshwater-estuarine transects in the Florida Coastal Everglades
We present here a 4-year dataset (2001–2004) on the spatial and temporal patterns of aboveground net primary production (ANPP) by dominant primary producers (sawgrass, periphyton, mangroves, andExpand
Periphyton as an indicator of restoration in the Florida Everglades
  • E. Gaiser
  • Environmental Science
  • 1 November 2009
Periphyton communities dominate primary production in much of the Florida Everglades wetland and therefore contribute to soil production, ecosystem metabolism and secondary production as well as theExpand
Cascading ecological effects of low-level phosphorus enrichment in the Florida everglades.
Few studies have examined long-term ecological effects of sustained low-level nutrient enhancement on wetland biota. To determine sustained effects of phosphorus (P) addition on Everglades marshes weExpand
Everglades Periphyton: A Biogeochemical Perspective
Periphyton is an important component of the Everglades biogeochemical cycle but remains poorly understood. From a biogeochemical perspective, periphyton is a dense aggregation of diverseExpand
Tracking rates of ecotone migration due to salt-water encroachment using fossil mollusks in coastal South Florida
We determined the rate of migration of coastal vegetation zones in response to salt-water encroachment through paleoecological analysis of mollusks in 36 sediment cores taken along transectsExpand
Effects of weather-related episodic events in lakes: an analysis based on high frequency data.
1. Weather-related episodic events are typically unpredictable, and their duration is often short. Abiotic and biological responses are often missed in routine monitoring. These responses are,Expand
Distribution of Diatoms and Development of Diatom-Based Models for Inferring Salinity and Nutrient Concentrations in Florida Bay and Adjacent Coastal Wetlands of South Florida (USA)
The composition and distribution of diatom algae inhabiting estuaries and coasts of the subtropical Americas are poorly documented, especially relative to the central role diatoms play in coastalExpand