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Hallmarks of mechanochemistry: from nanoparticles to technology.
The aim of this review article on recent developments of mechanochemistry (nowadays established as a part of chemistry) is to provide a comprehensive overview of advances achieved in the field ofExpand
The physics of mechanical alloying in a planetary ball mill: Mathematical treatment
Based on a kinematic modeling of the planetary ball mill, the kinematic equations giving the velocity and the acceleration of a ball in a vial in a planetary ball mill are given. The kinetic energyExpand
Milling conditions effect on structure and magnetic properties of mechanically alloyed Fe–10% Ni and Fe–20% Ni alloys
Fe–10 wt.% Ni and Fe–20 wt.% Ni alloys were prepared, using a planetary ball mill. The bcc Fe(Ni) phase formation is identified by X-ray diffraction after 36 h of milling. The higher the shock power,Expand
High yield fabrication of fluorescent nanodiamonds.
A new fabrication method to produce homogeneously fluorescent nanodiamonds with high yields is described. The powder obtained by high energy ball milling of fluorescent high pressure, highExpand
Some recent developments in mechanical activation and mechanosynthesis
After outlining the general characteristics of high-energy ball-milling, mechanochemical synthesis is argued to be an attractive method for the synthesis and transformation of materials. PhaseExpand
A mathematical and experimental dynamical phase diagram for ball-milled Ni10Zr7
Abstract Based on a deeper mathematical treatment of the process taking place in a planetary ball mill and experimental results concerning the ball-milled end product of the Ni 10 Zr 7 compound, weExpand
Structure and magnetic properties of nanocrystalline mechanically alloyed Fe–10% Ni and Fe–20% Ni
Abstract The mechanical alloying technique has been used to prepare nanocrystalline Fe–10 and Fe–20 wt.% Ni alloys from powder mixtures. The structure and magnetic properties were studied by usingExpand
Synthesis of bulk FeAl nanostructured materials by HVOF spray forming and Spark Plasma Sintering
Abstract This paper examines the efficiency of two consolidation processing techniques: High Velocity Oxy-Fuel (HVOF) spray forming and Spark Plasma Sintering (SPS) to obtain bulk nanostructuredExpand
X-ray diffraction line profile analysis of iron ball milled powders
Abstract The size of coherently diffracting domains and the lattice strain of iron ball milled powders have been determined according to various models. The Williamson–Hall plot, the Voigt model andExpand