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New Light on the Elephantine Colony
The Death of Sennacherib
No OTHER foreign king left such a profound impression upon the mind of the Hebrew people as Sennacherib, king of Assyria. His withdrawal from Palestine is still an unsolved mystery, but the enormousExpand
Difficulties in the Story of Ehud
I Have Kept the Faith
The Significance and Origin of Gen. 6:1-4
as most modern scholars are willing to concede for the redactor of our present Genesis text but not for the original author of the passage. We did not believe, however, that the Babylonian floodExpand
A Unique Babylonian Relief
  • E. G. Kraeling
  • History
  • Bulletin of the American Schools of Oriental…
  • 1 October 1937
have already pointed out," primarily the deities of Syria. They call to mind the gods of Hierapolis-Bambyke, of Heliopolis-Baalbek, of Palmyra, Dura-Europos, and also, however, of Ascalon, amongExpand
Two Place Names of Hellenistic Palestine
AFTER Trypho, the usurper on the Seleucid throne, had treacherously seized the Maccabean leader Jonathan at Ptolemais-Akko in 142 B.C., he invaded the Judean hill country from the coastal plain andExpand