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Introduction to Mineral Processing
Presented is a book primarily intended as a university text for a general undergraduate course in mineral processing. Major sections of the book include: fundamentals of ore processing; sizeExpand
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The theory of electrostatic separations: A review part III. The separation of particles
Abstract This, the third and final paper in a series that reviews the theory of electrostatic separation of minerals, considers the practice of electrostatic separations. Separators are firstExpand
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Modelling the screening process: A probabilistic approach
This work develops a probability method of conveniently presenting screening data pertaining to a given system, thus representing the overall behaviour of the material without having to quantitatively describe the vibratory motions of the screen and the particles separately. Expand
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The theory of electrostatic separations: A review Part I. Fundamentals
Abstract This paper, the first in a series of three on the theory of electrostatic separations, reviews the relevant fundamentals; electrostatics, and the relevance of band theory and surfaceExpand
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The theory of electrostatic separations: A review part II. Particle charging
Abstract This paper, the second in a series on the theory of electrostatic separations, briefly reviews the methods and equipment available for the measurement of electric fields, electric charges,Expand
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The breakage function; What is it really?
Abstract This paper discusses the breakage function (better called the breakage distribution function) used in the population balance method of analysing size reduction. It is concluded that theExpand
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Modelling screening as a conjugate rate process
Abstract It is shown that the screening process can be described as a combination of two first-order processes occurring simultaneously. The processes are those of segregation of undersize materialExpand
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Modelling the screening process — an empirical approach
Abstract This paper develops an empirical method for describing the screening data obtained from a given system, thus representing the overall behaviour without having to evaluate the vibratoryExpand
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Predicting the cut specific gravity of a coal washing spiral
Abstract The movement of solid material in a spiral concentrator has been treated as a combination of bed-load and suspended-load. By applying Bagnold's sediment transport theories, and arguing thatExpand
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The significance of by-pass in mineral separators
Abstract This paper reviews the use of the concept of by-passing applied to the performance curves of the various types of separators. It is concluded that while the concept is valuable and itsExpand
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