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On Rayleigh Optical Depth Calculations
Abstract Many different techniques are used for the calculation of Rayleigh optical depth in the atmosphere. In some cases differences among these techniques can be important, especially in the UVExpand
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From Dimming to Brightening: Decadal Changes in Solar Radiation at Earth's Surface
Variations in solar radiation incident at Earth's surface profoundly affect the human and terrestrial environment. A decline in solar radiation at land surfaces has become apparent in manyExpand
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Do Satellites Detect Trends in Surface Solar Radiation?
Long-term variations in solar radiation at Earth's surface (S) can affect our climate, the hydrological cycle, plant photosynthesis, and solar power. Sustained decreases in S have been widelyExpand
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Absorption of Solar Radiation by Clouds: Observations Versus Models
There has been a long history of unexplained anomalous absorption of solar radiation by clouds. Collocated satellite and surface measurements of solar radiation at five geographically diverseExpand
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Measurement of Broadband Diffuse Solar Irradiance Using Current Commercial Instrumentation with a Correction for Thermal Offset Errors
Abstract Diffuse-sky solar irradiance is an important quantity for radiation budget research, particularly as it relates to climate. Diffuse irradiance is one component of the total downwelling solarExpand
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Aerosol optical properties and their radiative effects in northern China
[1] As a fast developing country covering a large territory, China is experiencing rapid environmental changes. High concentrations of aerosols with diverse properties are emitted in the region,Expand
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Surface solar irradiance from the International Satellite Cloud Climatology Project 1983–1991
An 8 year (July 1983 through June 1991) time series of daily and monthly mean surface solar irradiance has been produced for the globe using data from the International Satellite Cloud ClimatologyExpand
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Features and effects of aerosol optical depth observed at Mauna Loa, Hawaii: 1982–1992
Spectral aerosol optical depth, τa, observed at Mauna Loa, Hawaii, for the past 11 years is analyzed for background variations and the effects of two major volcanic eruptions: El Chichon in 1982 andExpand
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Assessment of BSRN radiation records for the computation of monthly means
Abstract. The integrity of the Baseline Surface Radiation Network (BSRN) radiation monthly averages are assessed by investigating the impact on monthly means due to the frequency of data gaps causedExpand
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Decadal variations in surface solar irradiance as observed in a globally remote network
[1] Twenty-eight years (1977–2004) of surface solar irradiance observations at five remote climate observatories are analyzed for long-term temporal variations and spatial representativeness.Expand
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