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The fish species composition and variation of catch from the small-scale gillnet fishery before, during and after the 1997-1998 ENSO event, central Mexican Pacific
In the tropical and subtropical coastal zone, were highly diverse fish communities occur, it is important to study the small scale fisheries exploiting these communities. For this study, 219 fishingExpand
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Decomposing diversity patterns of a soft-bottom macroinvertebrate community in the tropical eastern Pacific
Diversity is one of the most frequently used attributes of ecological communities, and there is a long-standing discussion about their adequate use, calculus and interpretation. One of the mostExpand
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A Comparative Study of Physical and Chemical Processes for Removal of Biomass in Biofilters
After 6 months of operation a long-term biofilter was stopped for two weeks and then it was started up again for a second experimental period of almost 1.3 years, with high toluene loads andExpand
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Interannual variability of the diversity and structureof ichthyoplankton assemblages in the central Mexican Pacific
We examined larval fish diversity and assemblage structure on the central Mexican Pacific (coast of Jalisco and Colima) using data from samplings carried out with a Bongo net at 12 stations during 27Expand
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Effects of the 1997-1998 ENSO event in the eastern tropicalPacific coastal ecosystem
Dimensionality of species matrices was reduced using the scores values of the first two axis of a correspondence analysis CA. A generalized linear model was employed to determine the most influentExpand
Habitat diversity and postlarval benthic decapod crustacean assemblages in shallowwaters of the Ría de A Coruña (NW Spain)
Distribution and abundance of postlarval phases of coastal benthic decapod crustaceans is related to multiple processes affecting both planktonic (larval supply and differential settlement) andExpand