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Segregation of On and Off Bipolar Cell Axonal Arbors in the Absence of Retinal Ganglion Cells
Retinal cells that respond selectively to light onset or offset are segregated into On and Off pathways. Here, we describe the development of cone bipolar cells whose axonal arbors at maturityExpand
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Developmental changes in the electrophysiological properties of brain stem trigeminal neurons during pattern (barrelette) formation.
In the brain stem trigeminal nuclei of rodents there is a patterned representation of whiskers and sinus hairs. The subnucleus interpolaris (SPI) contains the largest and the most conspicuous whiskerExpand
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Functional connectivity in the rodent trigeminal pathway grown in vitro.
In explant cocultures of the rat trigeminal pathway, embryonic trigeminal ganglion cells grow their axons into peripheral cutaneous and central nervous system targets (R.S. Erzurumlu, S. Jhaveri,Expand
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