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Comparison of activated carbon and bottom ash for removal of reactive dye from aqueous solution.
The adsorption of reactive dye from synthetic aqueous solution onto granular activated carbon (GAC) and coal-based bottom ash (CBBA) were studied under the same experimental conditions. As anExpand
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Adsorption of Reactive Blue 222 onto an industrial solid waste included Al(III) hydroxide: pH, ionic strength, isotherms, and kinetics studies
ABSTRACTIn this study, an industrial waste sludge composed of metal hydroxides was used as a low-cost adsorbent for removing a reactive textile dye. Removal of the reactive dye Reactive Blue 222 (RBExpand
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Kinetic and equilibrium study of methylene blue adsorption using H2SO4− activated rice husk ash
AbstractThe objective of this study is to evaluate the performance of H2SO4− activated rice husk ash (ARHA) (burned at different temperatures (300–550°C) as compared to granular activated carbonExpand
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COD and Color Removal from Wastewaters: Optimization of Fenton Process
Bu calismada, atiksulardan Fenton prosesi ile KOI ve renk giderimi icin gerekli sartlarin optimizasyonu saglanmaya calisilmistir. Calismada, tepki degiskenleri Y1 ve Y2 sirasiyla KOI giderim verimiExpand
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Characterization and treatment alternatives of industrial container and drum cleaning wastewater: Comparison of Fenton-like process and combined coagulation/oxidation processes
Abstract Industrial container and drum cleaning (ICDC) facilities generated complex wastewater which have organic/inorganic compounds, acids, alkalis, metals, dyes, asbestos, PCBs, chemical cleaningExpand
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Abatement of Organic Pollutant Concentrations in Residual Treatment Sludges: A Review of Selected Treatment Technologies Including Drying
As a result of increasing population, industrialization, and effluent quality, sludge production has increased worldwide. Organic micropollutants in sludge have become a more critical environmentalExpand
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Presence and distributions of POPS in soil, atmospheric deposition, and bioindicator samples in an industrial-agricultural area in Turkey
AbstractIn this study, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs), polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs), and organochlorine pesticides (OCPs) were detected in the soil, lichen pine needle, and totalExpand
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Comparison of Acid Red 114 Dye Adsorption by Fe3O4 and Fe3O4 Impregnated Rice Husk Ash
The removal of Acid Red 114 (AR114) dye by adsorption process, using the magnetic nanoparticle (RHA-MNP) which is produced from rice husk ash burned at 300&#-80;C and the magnetic nanoparticle (MNP,Expand
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Comparison of Fenton process and adsorption method for treatment of industrial container and drum cleaning industry wastewater
ABSTRACT The present study aims to explore the characterization of industrial container and drum cleaning (ICDC) industry wastewater and treatment alternatives of this wastewater using Fenton andExpand
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Determination of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in the soil, atmospheric deposition and biomonitor samples in the Meric-Ergene River Basin, Turkey
In this study, the levels of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) were determined in various components in the Meric-Ergene River Basin which is one of Turkey’s intensive industrialization centersExpand
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