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Testbeam studies of production modules of the ATLAS tile calorimeter
Abstract We report test beam studies of 11% of the production ATLAS Tile Calorimeter modules. The modules were equipped with production front-end electronics and all the calibration systems plannedExpand
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Study of energy response and resolution of the ATLAS barrel calorimeter to hadrons of energies from 20 to 350 GeV
A fully instrumented slice of the ATLAS detector was exposed to test beams from the SPS (Super Proton Synchrotron) at CERN in 2004. In this paper, the results of the measurements of the response ofExpand
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Measurement of pion and proton response and longitudinal shower profiles up to 20 nuclear interaction lengths with the ATLAS tile calorimeter
The response of pions and protons in the energy range of 20–180 GeV, produced at CERN's SPS H8 test-beam line in the ATLAS iron–scintillator Tile hadron calorimeter, has been measured. The test-beamExpand
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The Compact Linear Collider (CLIC) - 2018 Summary Report
The Compact Linear Collider (CLIC) is a TeV-scale high-luminosity linear $e^+e^−$ collider under development at CERN. Following the CLIC conceptual design published in 2012, this report provides anExpand
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Top-Quark Physics at the CLIC Electron-Positron Linear Collider
The Compact Linear Collider (CLIC) is a proposed future high-luminosity linear electron-positron collider operating at three energy stages, with nominal centre-of-mass energies: 380 GeV, 1.5 TeV, andExpand
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ATLAS TileCal Read Out Driver production
The production tests of the 38 ATLAS TileCal Read Out Drivers (RODs) are presented in this paper. The hardware specifications and firmware functionality of the RODs modules, the test-bench and theExpand
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Digital Signal Reconstruction in the ATLAS Hadronic Tile Calorimeter
We present an Optimal Filtering (OF) algorithm to reconstruct the energy, time and pedestal of a photomultiplier signal from its digital samples. The OF algorithm was first developed for liquidExpand
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Hunting a light CP-odd non-standard Higgs boson through its tauonic decay at a (Super) B factory
Abstract Several scenarios beyond the minimal extension of the Standard Model still allow light non-standard Higgs bosons evading LEP bounds. We examine the mixing between a light CP-odd Higgs bosonExpand
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Setup, tests and results for the ATLAS TileCal Read Out Driver production
In this paper we describe the performance and test results of the production of the 38 ATLAS TileCal Read Out Drivers (RODs). We first describe the basic hardware specifications and firmwareExpand
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