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Climax epiphytic communities in Mediterranean Spain
The results indicate two clusters that can be easily related to two different alliances: Lobarion pulmonariae (Nephrometum resupinati) and Pterogonio gracile-Antitrichion californicae ( Antitrichietum califORNicae). Expand
New national and regional bryophyte records, 2
This research focused on seepage under karst forest, 700m alt. Expand
Ecology of cryptogamic epiphytes and their communities in deciduous forests in mediterranean Spain
A distribution of the epiphytic bryophyte and lichen vegetation of deciduous forests from the centre and north of the supramediterranean belt from the Spanish Iberian Peninsula was established usingExpand
Hygrohypnum (amblystegiaceae, bryopsida) in the Iberian Peninsula
The genus Hygrohypnum Lindb. is studied for the Iberian Peninsula, based mainly on herbarium specimens kept in BM, PC, S and the main Iberian herbaria. Eight species of Hygrohypnum occur in theExpand
Revision and chorology of Rhizomnium Kop. (Cinclidiaceae, Musci) in the Iberian Peninsula
The distribution maps, the phytogeography and ecology of both species are given, and all samples from herbaria named as R. pseudopunctatum correspond to R. punctatum or R. magnifolium. Expand
New national and regional bryophyte records, 37
We report the first record of Drepanocladus longifolius for Slovakia evidenced by herbarium specimen.
Aportaciones a la vegetación epífita (Briófitos y líquenes). II : (La Rioja, España)
The flora and the epiphytic communities (bryophytes and lichens) of decidous forest from La Rioja (Spain) is given. The following syntaxa are described : Fabronietum pusillae Ochsner 1928;Expand
Warnstorfia (bryopsida, calliergonaceae) in the iberian peninsula
A revision of Warnstorfia Loeske from the Iberian Peninsula has been undertaken based on examination of two hundred and four herbarium specimens, finding that W. exannulata is confirmed in Portugal and Andorra and W. fluitans is excluded from the checklist for Portugal and Balearic Islands. Expand
Efficacy of a new topical cyclosporine A formulation in the treatment of atopic dermatitis in dogs.
It is suggested that topical administration of CsA is effective in reducing the severity of skin lesions and pruritus in dogs with moderate to severe AD as soon as 3 weeks after starting treatment. Expand
New national and regional bryophyte records, 48
Andreaea rothii has been recorded for the first time in Croatia. It is a boreo-temperate suboceanic species (Hill et al., 2007) relatively rare in SE Europe, since it is known only from RomaniaExpand