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Effect of grain boundary character on sink efficiency
Abstract The dependence of the width of void-denuded zones (VDZs) on grain boundary (GB) characters was investigated in Cu irradiated with He ions at elevated temperature. Dislocation loops and voidsExpand
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Design of radiation tolerant materials via interface engineering.
A novel interface engineering strategy is proposed to simultaneously achieve superior irradiation tolerance, high strength, and high thermal stability in bulk nanolayered composites of a modelExpand
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Comparisons of radiation damage in He ion and proton irradiated immiscible Ag/Ni nanolayers
Abstract We compare the evolution of microstructure and mechanical properties of Ag/Ni multilayers of varying layer thickness (1–200 nm) subjected to helium ion and proton irradiation at roomExpand
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Bismuth Oxide: A New Lithium-Ion Battery Anode.
Bismuth oxide directly grown on nickel foam (p-Bi2O3/Ni) was prepared by a facile polymer-assisted solution approach and was used directly as a lithium-ion battery anode for the first time. The Bi2O3Expand
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Radiation damage in helium ion irradiated nanocrystalline Fe
Abstract Fe films with an average columnar grain size varying from 49 to 96 nm are deposited by magnetron sputtering technique. Sputtered films have predominant body centered cubic structure togetherExpand
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Unusual size-dependent strengthening mechanisms in helium ion-irradiated immiscible coherent Cu/Co nanolayers
Abstract Prior studies on He ion irradiation-induced damage in several immiscible metallic nanolayer systems with incoherent interfaces show a prominent size effect on mitigation of radiation damageExpand
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Design of Radiation Tolerant Nanostructured Metallic Multilayers
We review He ion induced radiation damage in several metallic multilayer systems, including Cu/V, Cu/Mo, Fe/W, and Al/Nb up to a peak dose of several displacements per atom (dpa). Size dependentExpand
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Fluence-dependent radiation damage in helium (He) ion-irradiated Cu/V multilayers
We have explored the capacity of Cu/V interfaces to absorb helium ion radiation-induced defects spanning a peak damage range of 0.6–18 displacements per atom (dpa). The study provides evidence ofExpand
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Effect of double ion implantation and irradiation by Ar and He ions on nano-indentation hardness of metallic alloys
Abstract In this study, the authors have investigated the combined effect of a double layer of implantation on four different metallic alloys, ODS steel MA957, Zircaloy-4, Ti–6Al–4V titanium alloyExpand
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