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LPP, an actin cytoskeleton protein related to zyxin, harbors a nuclear export signal and transcriptional activation capacity.
The LPP gene is the preferred translocation partner of the HMGIC gene in a subclass of human benign mesenchymal tumors known as lipomas. Here we have characterized the LPP gene product that sharesExpand
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Identification of a novel BBS gene (BBS12) highlights the major role of a vertebrate-specific branch of chaperonin-related proteins in Bardet-Biedl syndrome.
Bardet-Biedl syndrome (BBS) is primarily an autosomal recessive ciliopathy characterized by progressive retinal degeneration, obesity, cognitive impairment, polydactyly, and kidney anomalies. TheExpand
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Sequence and comparative genomic analysis of actin-related proteins.
Actin-related proteins (ARPs) are key players in cytoskeleton activities and nuclear functions. Two complexes, ARP2/3 and ARP1/11, also known as dynactin, are implicated in actin dynamics and inExpand
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Phosphorylation on Ser5 increases the F-actin-binding activity of L-plastin and promotes its targeting to sites of actin assembly in cells
L-plastin, a malignant transformation-associated protein, is a member of a large family of actin filament cross-linkers. Here, we analysed how phosphorylation of L-plastin on Ser5 of the headpieceExpand
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Transcriptional repression of microRNA genes by PML-RARA increases expression of key cancer proteins in acute promyelocytic leukemia.
Micro(mi)RNAs are small noncoding RNAs that orchestrate many key aspects of cell physiology and their deregulation is often linked to distinct diseases including cancer. Here, we studied theExpand
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Villin-like actin-binding proteins are expressed ubiquitously in Arabidopsis.
In an attempt to elucidate the biological function of villin-like actin-binding proteins in plants we have cloned several genes encoding Arabidopsis proteins with high homology to animal villin. WeExpand
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Targeting of Zyxin to Sites of Actin Membrane Interaction and to the Nucleus*
The localization of proteins to particular intracellular compartments often regulates their functions. Zyxin is a LIM protein found prominently at sites of cell adhesion, faintly in leadingExpand
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A Novel Network Integrating a miRNA-203/SNAI1 Feedback Loop which Regulates Epithelial to Mesenchymal Transition
Background The majority of human cancer deaths are caused by metastasis. The metastatic dissemination is initiated by the breakdown of epithelial cell homeostasis. During this phenomenon, referred toExpand
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Growing an actin gel on spherical surfaces.
Inspired by the motility of the bacteria Listeria monocytogenes, we have experimentally studied the growth of an actin gel around spherical beads grafted with ActA, a protein known to be the promoterExpand
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Villin Function in the Organization of the Actin Cytoskeleton
Villin is an actin-binding protein of the intestinal brush border that bundles, nucleates, caps, and severs actin in a Ca2+-dependent manner in vitro. Villin induces the growth of microvilli inExpand
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