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Analysis of sporulation mutants. II. Mutants blocked in the citric acid cycle.
Sporulation mutants that were unable to incorporate uracil during the developmental period recovered this capacity with the addition of ribose and in most cases with the addition of glutamate. Of theExpand
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The decrease of guanine nucleotides initiates sporulation of Bacillus subtilis.
Massive sporulation of Bacillus subtilis normally begins when carbon, nitrogen or phosphorus sources able to support rapid growth are no longer available. Sporulation can also be induced inExpand
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Optimal extraction conditions for high-performance liquid chromatographic determination of nucleotides in yeast.
Different extraction methods of nucleotides from the yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae were compared. A new extraction solution--formic acid saturated with 1-butanol--was found to be more effective thanExpand
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Mutagenic and inactivating DNA alterations.
typic consequences has greatly benefited from the advancement of biochemical and genetic methods. 1. The alteration of nucleic acid bases can be measured by UV,1 infrared and nuclear magneticExpand
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The chemical and mutagenic specificity of hydroxylamine.
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DNA damage caused by antidepressant hydrazines and related drugs.
Abstract Antidepressant hydrazines ( e.g. isocarboxazid, nialamide, and phenelzine) and the anti-tubercle agent isoniazid react with oxygen, producing hydrogen peroxide. The radicals formed in thisExpand
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Initiation of yeast sporulation of partial carbon, nitrogen, or phosphate deprivation.
In this paper we show that partial deprivation of a carbon source, a nitrogen source, or phosphate in the presence of all other nutrients needed for growth initiates meiosis and sporulation ofExpand
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Analysis of sporulation mutants. I. Response of uracil incorporation to carbon sources, and other mutant properties.
Mutants deficient in sporulation were isolated and characterized with respect to antibiotic and protease activity, transformability, growth, and sporulation. All but two mutants could grow on minimalExpand
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Growth, sporulation, and enzyme defects of glucosamine mutants of Bacillus subtilis.
Two glucosamine (GCA)-requiring mutants have been isolated which grow on glucose minimal or nutrient sporulation medium only in the presence of either GCA or acetyl-GCA. They lack theExpand
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Induction of sporulation in developmental mutants of Bacillus subtilis
SummarySporulation of the standard strain of Bacillus subtilis can be induced by decoyinine (a specific inhibitor of guanosine monophosphate synthesis) in the presence of excess ammonium ions,Expand
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