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Groucho running.
An important determinant of the mechanics of running is the effective vertical stiffness of the body. This stiffness increases with running speed. At any one speed, the stiffness may be reduced in aExpand
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Physiological and ergonomics factors in running shoe design.
  • E. Frederick
  • Engineering, Medicine
  • Applied ergonomics
  • 1 December 1984
Various features of the design of running shoes have been known to affect the performance and safety of athletes. The performance related effects of shoe design on traction and on the economy ofExpand
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Effects of shoe cushioning upon ground reaction forces in running.
To determine the effects of widely varying amounts of cushioning upon vertical force (VF) parameters, ten male subjects, (mean weight = 68.0 kg) ran at a speed of 4.5 m . s-1 (6 min/mile pace) andExpand
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The effects of shoe design parameters on rearfoot control in running.
Control of the amount and/or rate of pronation of the foot which occurs during distance running has been cited as an important consideration for runners when selecting a running shoe. In this study,Expand
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Kinematically mediated effects of sport shoe design: a review.
One prominent pattern emerging from a review of the literature on sport shoes and biomechanics is the observation that many effects are the indirect result of shoe-induced adjustments in movement,Expand
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Systematic ankle stabilization and the effect on performance.
Stabilization of the ankle joint is used as a deterrent to injury, however, insufficient or excessive ankle control can cause negative effects. This study determined the effects of systematic changesExpand
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Biomechanical consequences of sport shoe design.
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Effect of Previously Assigned Goals on Self-Set Goals and Performance
Abstract : Subjects were assigned goals, ranging from easy to impossible, on one trial and then allowed to choose their own goals on the next trial. Subjects felt a high degree of freedom of choiceExpand
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Effect of shoe cushioning on the development of reticulocytosis in distance runners
We studied erythropoietic activity in relation to the rearfoot cushioning of shoes worn by 14 male runners before, during, and the morning after a 17-day period of increased training mileage. TheExpand
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