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Subaqueous barchan dunes in turbulent shear flow. Part 1. Dune motion
Experiments are reported on the formation and migration of isolated dunes in a turbulent channel flow. These dunes have a very robust crescentic shape with horns pointing downstream, very similar toExpand
Subaqueous barchan dunes in turbulent shear flow. Part 2. Fluid flow
Abstract We report an experimental study of the turbulent flow above a barchan dune in a channel, from particle image velocimetry measurements, for Reynolds numbers ranging from 9000, just below theExpand
Role of Transverse Displacements in the Formation of Subaqueous Barchan Dunes.
Measurements of the growth of horns at the grain scale reveal the mechanism of horns formation revealed by the experiments contrasts with the general picture that barchan horns form from the advance of the lateral dune flanks due to the scaling of migration velocity with the inverse of dune size. Expand
Three-dimensional sand ripples as the product of vortex instability
Abstract Three-dimensional sand ripples can be observed under steady liquid flows in both nature and industry. Some examples are the ripples observed on the bed of rivers and in petroleum pipelinesExpand
Morphology and displacement of dunes in a closed-conduit flow
Abstract The transport of solid particles entrained by a fluid flow is frequently found in industrial applications. A better knowledge of it, is of importance to improve particle related industrialExpand
Intermittent gravity-driven flow of grains through narrow pipes
Grain flows through pipes are frequently found in various settings, such as in pharmaceutical, chemical, petroleum, mining and food industries. In the case of size-constrained gravitational flows,Expand
Crystallization and jamming in narrow fluidized beds
A fluidized bed is basically a suspension of granular material by an ascending fluid in a tube, and it has a rich dynamics that includes clustering and pattern formation. When the ratio between theExpand
Velocity fields of a bed-load layer under a turbulent liquid flow
Abstract The transport of sediments by a fluid flow is commonly found in nature and in industry. In nature, it is found in rivers, oceans, deserts, and other environments. In industry, it is found inExpand
Mimicking layer inversion in solid-liquid fluidized beds in narrow tubes
Abstract This paper investigates experimentally and numerically the dynamics of solid particles during the layer inversion of binary solid-liquid fluidized beds in narrow tubes. Layer inversion canExpand
Plug regime in water fluidized beds in very narrow tubes
Abstract The dynamics of granular plugs in water fluidized beds in narrow tubes is investigated here both experimentally and numerically. The fluidized beds were formed in a 25.4 mm-ID tube andExpand