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American Cancer Society, American Society for Colposcopy and Cervical Pathology, and American Society for Clinical Pathology screening guidelines for the prevention and early detection of cervical
An update to the American Cancer Society (ACS) guideline regarding screening for the early detection of cervical precancerous lesions and cancer is presented. The guidelines are based on a systematicExpand
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Sustained efficacy up to 4·5 years of a bivalent L1 virus-like particle vaccine against human papillomavirus types 16 and 18: follow-up from a randomised control trial
BACKGROUND Effective vaccination against HPV 16 and HPV 18 to prevent cervical cancer will require a high level of sustained protection against infection and precancerous lesions. Our aim was toExpand
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Efficacy of a bivalent L1 virus-like particle vaccine in prevention of infection with human papillomavirus types 16 and 18 in young women: a randomised controlled trial
BACKGROUND Vaccination against the most common oncogenic human papillomavirus (HPV) types, HPV-16 and HPV-18, could prevent development of up to 70% of cervical cancers worldwide. We did aExpand
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The epidemiology of genital human papillomavirus infection.
Clinical and subclinical human papillomavirus (HPV) infections are the most common sexually transmitted infections in the world, and most sexually-active individuals are likely to be exposed to HPVExpand
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Epidemiology of acquisition and clearance of cervical human papillomavirus infection in women from a high-risk area for cervical cancer.
Acquisition and clearance of cervical human papillomavirus (HPV) infection were analyzed among 1425 low-income women attending a maternal and child health program in São Paulo, Brazil. SpecimensExpand
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Guidelines for human papillomavirus DNA test requirements for primary cervical cancer screening in women 30 years and older
Given the strong etiologic link between high‐risk HPV infection and cervical cancer high‐risk HPV testing is now being considered as an alternative for cytology‐based cervical cancer screening. ManyExpand
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The natural history of type-specific human papillomavirus infections in female university students.
Little is known about the average duration of type-specific human papillomavirus (HPV) infections and their patterns of persistence. The objectives of this study were to evaluate the rate ofExpand
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Chapter 6: Epidemiology and transmission dynamics of genital HPV infection.
This chapter provides an overview of the epidemiology of human papillomavirus (HPV) infection, with a focus on the dynamics of sexual transmission. We explore concepts related to the spread ofExpand
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Projected clinical benefits and cost-effectiveness of a human papillomavirus 16/18 vaccine.
BACKGROUND Human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine may be commercially available in a few years. We explored the clinical benefits and cost-effectiveness of introducing an HPV16/18 vaccine in a populationExpand
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Comprehensive control of human papillomavirus infections and related diseases.
Infection with human papillomavirus (HPV) is recognized as one of the major causes of infection-related cancer worldwide, as well as the causal factor in other diseases. Strong evidence for a causalExpand
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