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Combination of Multiple Searches
The TREC-2 project at Virginai Tech focused on methods for combining the evidence from multiple retrieval runs to improve performance over any single retrieval method. Expand
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Extended Boolean information retrieval
A new, extended Boolean information retrieval system is introduced which is intermediate between the Boolean system of query processing and the vector processing model. Expand
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Removal policies in network caches for World-Wide Web documents
We determine the maximum possible hit rate and weighted hit rate that a cache could ever achieve, and the removal policy that maximizes hit rate in each of the studied workloads. Expand
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Caching Proxies: Limitations and Potentials
We assess the potential of proxy servers to cache documents retrieved with the HTTP protocol, and show that a proxy server has a 30-50% maximum possible hit rate no matter how it is designed. Expand
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Social media use by government: from the routine to the critical
Social media (i.e., Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, YouTube) and other services with user-generated content have made a staggering amount of information (and misinformation) available. Expand
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Streams, structures, spaces, scenarios, societies (5s): A formal model for digital libraries
We propose the fundamental abstractions of Streams, Structures, Spaces, Scenarios, and Societies (5S), which allow us to define digital libraries rigorously and usefully. Expand
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Automatic document metadata extraction using support vector machines
We describe a support vector machine classification based method for metadata extraction from header part of research papers and show that it outperforms other machine learning methods on the same task. Expand
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Combining the Evidence of Multiple Query Representations for Information Retrieval
We report on two studies in the TREC-2 program that investigated the effect on retrieval performance of combination of multiple representations of TREC topics. Expand
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Social media use by government: From the routine to the critical
This paper presents findings from a exploratory study we conducted between June and December 2010 with government officials in Arlington, VA (and the greater National Capitol Region around Washington, D.C.), with the broad goal of understanding social media use by government officials as well as community organizations, businesses, and the public at large. Expand
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Extending the boolean and vector space models of information retrieval with p-norm queries and multiple concept types
  • E. Fox
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Information retrieval systems accept user queries and respond by identifying documents presumed to be relevant to those queries. Expand
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