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Combination of Multiple Searches
This paper describes one method that has been shown to increase performance by combining the similarity values from five different retrieval runs using both vector space and P-norm extended boolean retrieval methods.
Extended Boolean information retrieval
A new, extended Boolean information retrieval system is introduced which is intermediate between the Boolean system of query processing and the vector processing model, and Laboratory tests indicate that the extended system produces better retrieval output than either the Boolean or thevector processing systems.
Removal Policies in Network Caches for World-Wide Web Documents
Surprisingly, the criteria used by several proxy-server removal policies are among the worst performing criteria in the authors' simulation; instead, replacing documents based on size maximizes hit rate in each of the studied workloads.
Caching Proxies: Limitations and Potentials
This work assesses the potential of proxy servers to cache documents retrieved with the HTTP protocol, and finds that a proxy server really functions as a second level cache, and its hit rate may tend to decline with time after initial loading given a more or less constant set of users.
Automatic document metadata extraction using support vector machines
It is found that discovery and use of the structural patterns of the data and domain based word clustering can improve the metadata extraction performance and an appropriate feature normalization also greatly improves the classification performance.
Streams, structures, spaces, scenarios, societies (5s): A formal model for digital libraries
The fundamental abstractions of Streams, Structures, Spaces, Scenarios, and Societies (5S), which allow us to define digital libraries rigorously and usefully, are proposed.
Social media use by government: from the routine to the critical
Findings from a pilot study conducted between June and December 2010 with government officials in Arlington, Virginia with a view to understanding the use of social media by government officials as well as community organizations, businesses and the public are presented.
Combining the Evidence of Multiple Query Representations for Information Retrieval
Both projects found that the best method of combination often led to results that were better than the best performing single query, and the combined results from the two projects have also been combined by data fusion.
Social media use by government: From the routine to the critical
Findings from a exploratory study conducted with government officials in Arlington, VA between June and December 2010 are presented, with the broad goal of understanding social media use by government officials as well as community organizations, businesses, and the public at large.
Extending the boolean and vector space models of information retrieval with p-norm queries and multiple concept types
  • E. Fox
  • Computer Science, Mathematics
  • 1983
Four experimental test collections are employed to prove that interpreting Boolean queries with p-norm techniques leads to substantial improvements in retrieval effectiveness, as shown by preliminary experimental studies with collections in computer and information science.