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CMOS image sensors: electronic camera on a chip
  • E. Fossum
  • Computer Science
  • Proceedings of International Electron Devices…
  • 10 December 1995
Recent advancements in CMOS image sensor technology are reviewed, including both passive pixel sensors and active pixel sensors that permit realization of an electronic camera-on-a-chip. Expand
CMOS active pixel image sensors for highly integrated imaging systems
A family of CMOS-based active pixel image sensors (APSs) that are inherently compatible with the integration of on-chip signal processing circuitry is reported. The image sensors were fabricatedExpand
Active pixel sensors: are CCDs dinosaurs?
  • E. Fossum
  • Engineering, Physics
  • Electronic Imaging
  • 12 July 1993
Charge-coupled devices (CCDs) are presently the technology of choice for most imaging applications. In the 23 years since their invention in 1970, they have evolved to a sophisticated level ofExpand
CMOS image sensors: electronic camera-on-a-chip
CMOS active pixel sensors (APS) have performance competitive with charge-coupled device (CCD) technology, and offer advantages in on-chip functionality, system power reduction, cost, andExpand
A Review of the Pinned Photodiode for CCD and CMOS Image Sensors
The pinned photodiode is the primary photodetector structure used in most CCD and CMOS image sensors. This paper reviews the development, physics, and technology of the pinned photodiode.
Optically programmable gate array
The Optically Programmable Gate Array (OPGA), an optical version of a conventional FPGA, benefits from a direct parallel interface between an optical memory and a logic circuit allowing for rapid dynamic reconfiguration. Expand
Wide intrascene dynamic range CMOS APS using dual sampling
A CMOS active pixel sensor (APS) that achieves wide intrascene dynamic range using dual sampling is reported. A 64/spl times/64 element prototype sensor with dual output architecture was fabricatedExpand
256/spl times/256 CMOS active pixel sensor camera-on-a-chip
A CMOS imaging sensor integrates the sensor technology and digital control functions on a single chip. This demonstrates the viability of producing a camera-on-a-chip suitable for commercial,Expand
CMOS active pixel image sensor
A new CMOS active pixel image sensor is reported. The sensor uses a 2.0 /spl mu/m double-poly, double-metal foundry CMOS process and is realized as a 128/spl times/128 array of 40 /spl mu/m/splExpand
A 1.5-V 550-/spl mu/W 176/spl times/144 autonomous CMOS active pixel image sensor
This paper addresses the development of a micropower 176/spl times/144 CMOS active pixel image sensor that dissipates one to two orders of magnitude less power than current state-of-the-art CMOSExpand