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Experimental Foreign Exchange Markets
The paper analyzes experimental markets where subjects buy and sell two different assets. The assets’ properties vary across treatments, and their relative price is the exchange rate. Although bothExpand
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Sustained growth in the model of overlapping generations
Abstract This paper analyzes endogenous economic growth in the model of overlapping generations. There is no bequest motive, nor are there any externalities. If the technology is convex, per capitaExpand
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Why Are We Losing Manufacturing Jobs
In the last 50 years, the share of employment in manufacturing has declined in the United States. The main reason for this phenomenon is labor-saving technological progress. Variation among state taxExpand
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Sustainable balance of trade deficits
Abstract This paper analyzes a model of overlapping generations in which there are two currencies. There are two agents born in each period, and these agents have completely heterogeneous preferencesExpand
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The Singular Value Decomposition of a Technology Matrix
This paper is the first application of the singular value decomposition in general equilibrium theory. Every technology matrix can be decomposed into three parts: (1) a definition of compositeExpand
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An anti-jamming GPS receiver antenna testing system
This paper presents an anti-jamming Global Positioning System (GPS) receiver antenna testing system that can emulate a GPS satellite constellation with multiple GPS satellites; with high emulation accuracy (in both GPS signal phase and satellite angular position). Expand
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International duopoly with tariffs
This paper analyzes the effects of a tariff on price-setting duopolists who cannot segment geographically distinct markets; hence, commercial policy has effects in domestic and foreign markets.Expand
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Dynamic Trade Creation
The emergence of large trading blocs as a central feature of the world economy has led to renewed interest in customs unions and free trade areas. Analysis of preferential trading arrangements hasExpand
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The International Effects of U.S. Farm Subsidies
Using dynamic programming, this paper examines effects of farm subsidies on U.S. exports of corn, cotton, rice, and wheat. The six policy simulations described here explore alternative proposals inExpand
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