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Mite fauna, Der p I, Der f I and Blomia tropicalis allergen levels in a tropical environment
Fifty dust samples were collected from the mattresses and bedroom floors of 25 subjects with allergic asthma in Cartagena, Colombia, in order to identify house dust mites and quantitate Der p I, DerfExpand
Allergen-specific IgE levels and mite allergen exposure in children with acute asthma first seen in an emergency department and in nonasthmatic control subjects.
BACKGROUND Sensitization to allergens has been shown to be a risk factor for adults with acute asthma first seen in the emergency department. OBJECTIVE The purpose of this study was to evaluate theExpand
Chicken serum albumin (Gal d 5 * ) is a partially heat‐labile inhalant and food allergen implicated in the bird‐egg syndrome
Background: Chicken serum albumin (α‐livetin) has been implicated as the causative allergen of the bird‐egg syndrome. However, the clinical relevance of sensitization to this allergen has not beenExpand
Molecular Cloning of Paramyosin, a New Allergen of Anisakis simplex
Background: Anisakis simplex is a fish parasite that, when accidentally ingested by humans, may cause allergic reactions in sensitized individuals. The main objectives of our study were to: (1)Expand
Purification, characterization, and partial sequencing of two new allergens of Olea europaea.
BACKGROUND The inhalation of olive (Olea europaea) pollen is an important cause of allergic respiratory diseases in southern Europe and California. OBJECTIVE The aims of this study were toExpand
Exposure and sensitization to dust mite allergens among asthmatic children in Sao Paulo, Brazil
A group of 20 mite allergic asthmatic children aged 6‐12 years old. living in Sao Paulo, Brazil, was studied regarding their degree of sensitization to house dust mites and exposure to mite allergensExpand
Endotoxin exposure and symptoms in asthmatic children
Endotoxins (ET) are pro‐innammatory substances present in hou.sc dust which may increase non‐specific bronchial reactivity in asthmatic patients. Endotoxins (EU/g) and Der p I levels were compared inExpand
Anaphylaxis from ingestion of mites: pancake anaphylaxis.
Oral mite anaphylaxis is a new syndrome characterized by severe allergic symptoms occurring immediately after eating foods made with mite-contaminated wheat flour. This syndrome, which is moreExpand
House dust mite species and allergen levels in Galicia, Spain: a cross-sectional, multicenter, comparative study.
BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVES Mites are important sources of allergens in Galicia, Spain. The objective of this study were to identify the main mite species and to determine allergen levels in mattressesExpand
Identification of the domestic mite fauna of Puerto Rico.
This study was conducted to identify the domestic mite fauna of Puerto Rico. A total of 57 dust samples were collected from mattresses in homes of 11 cities on the Island. The analysis of the samplesExpand