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The hidden author : an interpretation of Petronius' Satyricon
"The Satyricon of Petronius", a comic novel written in the first century A.D., is famous today primarily for its amazing banquet tale, "Trimalchio's Feast." But this episode is only one part of theExpand
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Imitation and Evolution: The Discussion of Rhetorical Imitation in Cicero De Oratore 2. 87-97 and Some Related Problems of Ciceronian Theory
  • E. Fantham
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  • 1 January 1978
N EARLY forty years ago, Richard McKeon, in a brilliant paper, "Literary Criticism and the Concept of Imitation in Antiquity,"' gave English-speaking critics the definitive basis for discussion ofExpand
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Roman Literary Culture: From Cicero to Apuleius
This is a book that needed to be written in answer to a deep gap in our resources on Latin literature...we owe Fantham much gratitude for having the energy and wisdom to undertake this demanding andExpand
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Women in the Classical World: Image and Text
BL The only study to integrate such a wide range of materials on the women of ancient Greece and Rome into one accessible volume BL Written by a team of distinguished classical scholars and artExpand
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The Roman world of Cicero's De oratore
1. Cicero at Fifty 2. The Public Careers of L. Licinius Crassus and M. Antonius 3. Constructing the Dialogue: The Challenge of Plato 4. The Future Orator: Talent, Training, and the Choice of Model 5.Expand
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Roman Drama and Roman History
The history of a hypothesis Tales unworthy of the Gods Ovid on Servius Tullius Two plays for the Liberalia The tragedy of Gaius Gracchus Crossing the Rubicon The poet, the "plebs", and the chorusExpand
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