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Influence of Foliar and Ground Fertilization on Yield, Fruit Quality, and Soil, Leaf, and Fruit Mineral Nutrients in Apple
ABSTRACT The effectiveness of nitrogen (N)+ zinc (Zn) soil and foliar fertilizer applications on growth, yield, and quality of apple (Malus domestic Borkh ‘Golden Delicious’) fruit was studied in theExpand
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Influence of four rootstocks (M.9, MM.106, MM.111, and local seedling) on the scion leaf and fruit mineral concentrations, tree growth, yield and fruit quality attributes of ‘Golden Delicious’ andExpand
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Nitrogen and calcium nutrition and fruit quality of commercial apple cultivars grown in Finland
Abstract During 1994–1995, field experiments were conducted in six apple orchards located in the southwest of Finland (the mainland and the Aland Islands). The cultivars were ‘Melba’, ‘Raike’, ‘RedExpand
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Effect of Ammonium: Nitrate Ratio on Yield, Calcium Concentration, and Photosynthesis Rate in Strawberry
ABSTRACT The effect of ammonium:nitrate (NH4:NO3) ratio in nutrient solution on growth, photosynthesis (Pn), yield, and fruit quality attributes in hydroponically grown strawberry (Fragaria ×Expand
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Influence of Nitrogen and Bagging on Fruit Quality and Mineral Concentrations of `BC-2 Fuji' Apple
tant to greenhouse orthezia than the desirable Florida natives, L. depressa and L. involucrata. Unfortunately, many of the L. camara cultivars and similarlooking hybrids are not necessarily suitableExpand
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Effects of Sodium Chloride-Induced Salinity on Mineral Nutrients and Soluble Sugars in Three Commercial Cultivars of Pomegranate
Abstract The effect of sodium chloride (NaCl)-induced salinity on concentration and translocation of ions and soluble sugars in three commercial cultivars, ‘Alak Torsh,’ ‘Malas Torsh,’ ‘MalasExpand
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The Importance of Apple Rootstocks on Tree Growth, Yield, Fruit Quality, Leaf Nutrition, and Photosynthesis with an Emphasis on `Fuji'
ADDITIONAL INDEX WORDS. 'Fuji', high density orchards, rootstock history, Malus domestica SUMMARY. Tree fruit rootstocks are used to influence precocity, tree size, fruit quality, yield efficiency,Expand
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Partitioning of Chlorine, Sodium, and Potassium and Shoot Growth of Three Pomegranate Cultivars Under Different Levels of Salinity
ABSTRACT Salinity is a major problem in a wide pomegranate-growing area of central Iran. Effects of four levels of salinity on leaf and root chlorine (Cl), sodium (Na), and potassium (K) partitioningExpand
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Effect of Particle Film on Fruit Sunburn, Maturity and Quality of `Fuji' and `Honeycrisp' Apples
Studies were initiated in Idaho and New York to determine the effects of Surround, a kaolin clay particle film product recently labeled as a crop protectant for agricultural crops, on fruit maturityExpand
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