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Comparison of the structure and function of Southern Ocean regional ecosystems: The Antarctic Peninsula and South Georgia
The ocean ecosystems around the west Antarctic Peninsula and South Georgia are two of the best described regional ecosystems of the Southern Ocean. They therefore provide a useful basis forExpand
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The importance of individual behaviour for successful settlement of juvenile plaice (Pleuronectes platessa L.) : a modelling and field study in the eastern Irish Sea
To study the transport of plaice (Pleuronectes platessa L.) eggs and larvae in the eastern Irish Sea, we constructed a 3D-baroclinic physical model and coupled it to a particle-tracking scheme thatExpand
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A modelling study of environmental influences on bivalve settlement in The Wash, England
A previous statistical study (Young et al. 1996; Mar Ecol Prog Ser 143:121-129) has suggested that interannual variability in wind-driven transport of planktonic larvae may be responsible forExpand
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Development and application of a three-dimensional baroclinic model to the study of the seasonal circulation in the Celtic Sea
Abstract A three-dimensional density-resolving model based on the Princeton Ocean Model (POM) has been developed for the simulation of tide, wind and density-driven flows in a region of the northwestExpand
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Plankton community structure south and west of South Georgia (Southern Ocean): Links with production and physical forcing
During late December 2004 and early January 2005 the plankton community to the south and west of South Georgia was investigated. Satellite imagery had shown the surface expression of a bloom over theExpand
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Development and validation of a three-dimensional curvilinear model for the study of fluxes through the North Channel of the Irish Sea
Abstract A three-dimensional non-orthogonal curvilinear model has been developed for the Celtic Sea, Irish Sea and North Channel. With a maximum resolution of approximately 1 km in the North Channel,Expand
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Transport of plutonium (239/240Pu) and caesium (137Cs) in the Irish Sea: comparison between observations and results from sediment and contaminant transport modelling
Abstract A model for radionuclide transport in the marine environment is described and applied, in the Irish Sea, to the movement of caesium (137Cs) and plutonium (239/240Pu) discharged fromExpand
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Oceanography and life history predict contrasting genetic population structure in two Antarctic fish species
Understanding the key drivers of population connectivity in the marine environment is essential for the effective management of natural resources. Although several different approaches to evaluatingExpand
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High-resolution modelling of the shelf and open ocean adjacent to South Georgia, Southern Ocean
Abstract The marine ecosystem on the shelf and open ocean adjacent to South Georgia is extraordinarily rich, with a history of commercial exploitation. Although much progress has been made, attemptsExpand
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