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Pulse feeding with nitrate and phosphate in relation to tissue composition and nutrient uptake by some macroalgae from the Red Sea at Ghardaqa (Egypt)
This investigation aimed at determining the effects of experimental enrichment with either N or P or both elements on the tissue nutrient levels, and on the internal N: P molar ratios of threeExpand
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Use of batch assays to assess the toxicity of atrazine to some selected cyanobacteria. I. Influence of atrazine on the growth, pigmentation and carbohydrate contents of Aulosira fertilissima,
The data presented in this investigation revealed that the gain in the dry weights of all algae tested was suppressed in herbicide treatments, particularly, at higher concentrations. However, at theExpand
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Differential effects of thiobencarb toxicity on growth and photosynthesis of Anabaena variabilis with changes in phosphate level.
A thiobencarb dose of 3 mg L(-1) reduced the protein content of Anabaena variabilis, whereas it elevated the carbohydrate content. Measurements of Anabaena growth, photosynthetic activity, andExpand
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Chlorophyll a fluorescence and photosynthetic activity as tools for the evaluation of simazine toxicity to Protosiphon botryoides and Anabaena variabilis.
On studying the effect of simazine on Protosiphon botryoides and Anabaena variabilis, data revealed that chlorophyll a content and dry weight were decreased with the increase in simazineExpand
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Growth criteria of two common cyanobacteria isolated from Egyptian flooded soil, as influenced by some pesticides
Higher rates of the two organophosphorus Insecticides (dimethoate and dursban) induced severe drop in the dry weight gain of Nostoc muscorum and Anabaena oryzae. The fungicide karathane seemed to beExpand
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Effect of pendimethalin on growth and photosynthetic activity of Protosiphon botryoides in different nutrient states.
The effect of pendimethalin on the green alga Protosiphon botryoides was investigated. Results indicate that specific growth rate, cell number, chlorophyll a level, and dry weight yield significantlyExpand
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Use of batch assays to assess the toxicity of atrazine to some selected cyanobacteria. II. Effect of atrazine on heterocyst frequency, nitrogen and phosphorus metabolism of four heterocystous
Atrazine added in different doses to the culture media, augmented with glucose, of Aulosira fertilissima, Tolypothrix tenuis, Anabaena oryzae and Nostoc muscorum enhanced heterocyst frequency andExpand
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The metabolic fate of 14C‐parathion by some fresh water phytoplankton and its possible effects on the algal metabolism
Abstract The growth and total carbohydrate contents of Nostoc muscorum and Tolypothrix tenuis were greatly and significantly reduced by the application of parathion. “Chlorophyll a”, caroteneExpand
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Fate of 14c‐labelled methomyl as affected by nostoc muscorum and tolypothrix tenuis and its role in their metabolic activities
Abstract The insecticide methomyl inhibited the growth and total carbohydrate content of Nostoc muscorum and Tolypothrix tenuis, even at the lowest concentration (100 ppm) Glucose absorption andExpand
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