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Heart rate and blood pressure responses to umbilical cord compression in fetal lambs with special reference to the mechanism of variable deceleration.
We examined heart rate and blood pressure responses to umbilical cord compression in fetal lambs. Fetal heart rate (FHR) responses resembling variable deceleration occurred only after umbilical bloodExpand
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Effects of cord compression on fetal blood flow distribution and O2 delivery.
We used the radionuclide microsphere technique in nine fetal lambs to examine the effect of partial cord compression on distribution of cardiac output and O2 delivery to fetal organs and venous flowExpand
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The effect of reducing umbilical blood flow on fetal oxygenation.
To assess the effect of various degrees of umbilical cord compression on fetal oxygenation, we instrumented fetal lambs at 120 to 128 days' gestation. An electromagnetic flow transducer was placedExpand
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Cardiovascular Responses to Hypoxemia in Sinoaortic-Denervated Fetal Sheep
Fetal cardiovascular response to acute hypoxemia is characterized by bradycardia, hypertension, and redistribution of cardiac output. The role of aortic and carotid chemoreceptors in mediating theseExpand
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Effects of Naloxone on Fetal Circulatory Responses to Hypoxemia
The effects of opiate receptor antagonism on the fetal cardiovascular response to hypoxemia were examined by means of the radionuclide-labeled microsphere technique. Heart rate, blood pressure, andExpand
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Baroreflex Control of Circulation in Chronically Instrumented Fetal Lambs
The role of the arterial baroreceptors in regulating the fetal circulation was studied in 18 chronically instrumented fetal lambs, 120-136 days gestation. The results were compared to those obtainedExpand
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