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On the role of protoporphyrin IX photoproducts in photodynamic therapy.
The Monitoring of ALA-Induced Protoporphyrin IX Accumulation and Clearance in Patients with Skin Lesions by In Vivo Surface-Detected Fluorescence Spectroscopy
Although all three lesions tested did show enhanced PpIX fluorescence as compared with normal skin, there was considerable lesion-to-lesion variability and thick psoriatic plaques seem to give longer Ppix retention times than those of thin lesions.
New directions in photodynamic therapy.
This chapter outlines the major limitations of PDT and speculates on the possible improvements that are required in order to advance PDT to a front line therapy.
Assessment of noncoherent light sources for photodynamic therapy
Several types of non-coherent light sources can be used for dermatological applications of photodynamic therapy (PDT). Such sources are relatively inexpensive, stable, and easy to operate, requiring
Evaluation of sensors for use inside chemical protective suits
Organizations such as the military, hazardous materials units, first responders and industries involved in the processing and manufacture of chemicals all have requirements for specialized whole body