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The crystal structure of ice at low temperatures
The use of X-ray in the study of the mechanism of crystal growth showed that if the vapour of a substance came in contact with a cold surface, it condensed to form a solid, the structure of whichExpand
The Physical Properties of Colloidal Solutions
THE second edition of this work conforms in general to the plan of the first, i.e. it gives an account of the properties of suspensoid sols from the point of view of the physicist. The BrownianExpand
The Law of Distribution of Particles in Colloidal Solution
The work of Perrin and his collaborators (1) on the experimental and theoretical application of the results of the kinetic theory to colloidal solutions is probably the most complete exposition ofExpand
Viscosity of Helium I and Helium II
DETERMINATIONS have recently been made in the Cryogenic Laboratory at Toronto of the viscosity of liquid helium in its two states, helium I and helium II.
Dielectric constants of solids at high frequencies and the influence of water of crystallization on dielectric constant
The determination of the dielectric constant of one constituent of a mixture, when the dielectric constants of the other component and the mixture itself are known, has been a problem which has beenExpand
X-Ray Diffraction Patterns of Ice
DURING the last visit of the late Dr. E. W. Washburn to Toronto in the latter part of 1933, in an address on the properties of heavy water, he announced that water vapour, when condensed at very lowExpand