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Identification and kinetics of leukocytes after severe ischaemia/reperfusion renal injury.
After severe warm I/R renal injury, a pronounced acute tubular necrosis occurs during the first 12-24 h in the absence of a marked cellular infiltrate, but with an important renal MPO activity, reflecting the activation of the adhering inflammatory cells (polymorphonuclear cells (PMNs) and mainly monocytes/macrophages). Expand
Isolated lung perfusion with melphalan and tumor necrosis factor for metastatic pulmonary adenocarcinoma.
Isolated lung perfusion with melphalan is an effective treatment for pulmonary metastases from adenocarcinoma in the rat. Expand
Acute aortic dissection.
In the acute setting, transoesophageal echocardiography is very helpful to confirm the diagnosis, locate the intimal tear and demonstrate the extent of dissection. Expand
Intragastric Erosion Of Laparoscopic Adjustable Silicone Gastric Band
The best timing of removal and the choice of another bariatric procedure is still controversial, so it is advised to wait until migration of the band into the lumen is complete. Expand
Repeat mediastinoscopy in the staging of lung cancer.
Evaluating the feasibility, sensitivity and accuracy of repeat mediastinoscopy found it provides essential pathological information on mediastinal invasion when selecting patients for surgical resection after induction chemotherapy in stage IIIa disease. Expand
Isolated Lung Perfusion with Melphalan Prolongs Survival in a Rat Model of Metastatic Pulmonary Adenocarcinoma
ILuP with melphalan prolongs survival in the treatment of experimental metastatic pulmonary carcinoma in a model of unilateral pulmonary adenocarcinoma. Expand
Heparin-associated thrombocytopenia
Type 2 Heparin associated thrombocytopenia and heparin, more specially type 2, is an important complication of anticoagulant treatment in clinical practice. Expand
Laparoscopic adrenalectomy with the aid of the AESOP 2000 robot.
The authors describe a left adrenalectomy for Cushing's disease with the aid of an AESOP (Automated Endoscopic System for Optimal Positioning) 2000 voice controlled robot. This device facilitated theExpand
Modified Technique of Isolated Left Lung Perfusion in the Rat
Techniques for intubation and anesthesia are modified, and a new approach of catheterization is developed with improved results of isolated left lung perfusion for pulmonary metastases. Expand
Oesophagopleural fistula--a rare sequel of pneumonectomy.
A case of OPF occurring almost five years after pneumonectomy for malignant lymphoma of the lung is reported, and treatment is extremely difficult and prolonged, and often not successful. Expand