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The long-term indwelling tracheoesophageal prosthesis for alaryngeal voice rehabilitation.
OBJECTIVE To analyze the initial experience at Oregon Health Sciences University, Portland, with the use of long-term indwelling tracheoesophageal voice prostheses. DESIGN Retrospective caseExpand
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Reduced-size lung transplantation from adult to neonatal sheep.
Lung transplantation continues to be limited by donor availability. This shortage is particularly acute in the pediatric population. A model was developed in sheep to simulate human pulmonaryExpand
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Fourth branchial arch sinus: Clinical presentation, diagnostic workup, and surgical treatment
Objectives/Hypothesis: Abnormalities of the fourth branchial arch are much less common than those of the second arch and present in a different manner. The authors report their experience with fiveExpand
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Multiple keratoacanthomas after megavoltage radiation therapy.
Multiple keratoacanthomas developed on the face of a woman after radiation therapy to the nasal sinuses. Treatment with isotretinoin appeared to shorten her recovery period.
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Improved metal endotracheal tube for laser surgery of the airway.
The hazard of fire and tracheal bums during laser microsurgery is well re~ognized.'-~ While plastic or red rubber endotracheal tubes wrapped with aluminum foil are generally adequate, improvementsExpand
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A Randomized Trial of High Dose Bolus Metoclopramide Versus Low‐Dose Continuous Infusion Metoclopramide in the Prevention of Cisplatin‐Induced Emesis
We compared the antiemetic efficacy of metoclopramide in a bolus low-dose infusion schedule to that of metoclopramide given in a conventional high-dose bolus schedule in a randomized crossover trial.Expand
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Intravenous fluid administration and urine output during radical neck surgery
This study examines perioperative urine output (UO) and hemodynamics in 24 patients who underwent radical head and neck surgery. The hypothesis tested was that “UO was not important in patients withExpand
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Microvascular reconstruction and tracheotomy are significant determinants of resource utilization in head and neck surgery.
BACKGROUND Successful "critical pathway" design and implementation are dependent on appropriate patient stratification according to those factors that are primary determinants of resourceExpand
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Zenker's diverticulostomy with cricopharyngeal myotomy: the endoscopic approach.
BACKGROUND The gold standard for the surgical treatment of Zenker's diverticulum is diverticulectomy and cricopharyngeal myotomy by an external approach. Unfortunately, many of the patients whoExpand
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Zenker’s diverticulostomy with cricopharyngeal myotomy
BackgroundThe gold standard for the surgical treatment of Zenker’s diverticulum is diverticulectomy and cricopharyngeal myotomy by an external approach. Unfortunately, many of the patients whoExpand
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