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Water Quality Index for the Assessment of Water Quality from Different Sources in the Niger Delta Region of Nigeria
Water quality of different sources of water (stream, borehole and pipe born water) in the Niger Delta region of Nigeria was evaluated by Water Quality Index (WQI) technique. The presentExpand
Extraction and Characterization of Rubber Seed Oil
Physicochemical properties of rubber seed oil (RSO) were investigated using standard techniques in order to obtain specific dat a for the oil. The oil was characterized for the following parameters:Expand
Phytoremediation and Its Mechanisms: A Review
Since the dawn of the Industrial Revolution, mankin d has been introducing numerous hazardous compounds into the environment at an exponential rate. These hazardous pollutants consist of a variety ofExpand
Thermoxidative degradation of commonly used vegetable oils : a comparative study
The objective of this study was to compare the deterioration of commonly used vegetable oils using one of the three scientific method namely, heating of the oil at high temperature (180℃) normallyExpand
Deuterated interstellar and circumstellar molecules: D/H ratio and dominant formation processes
Abstract There are several constraints associated with the different models used in accounting for the D/H ratio observed of singly and multiply deuterated interstellar and circumstellar molecularExpand
Determination Of Heavy Metal Contents From Dumpsites Within Ikot Ekpene, Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria Using Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer
----------------------------------------------------------ABSTRACT---------------------------------------------------------The elemental composition of lead, iron, cadmium, zinc and copper in the topExpand
A Search for Interstellar Monohydric Thiols
It has been pointed out by various astronomers that very interesting relationship exists between interstellar alcohols and the corresponding thiols (sulfur analogue of alcohols) as far as theExpand
Interstellar protonated molecular species
Abstract Majority of the known interstellar cations are protonated species believed to be the natural precursors for their corresponding neutral analogues formed via the dissociative recombinationExpand
Systematic Theoretical Study on the Interstellar Carbon Chain Molecules
In an effort to further our interest in understanding basic chemistry of interstellar molecules, we carry out here an extensive investigation of the stabilities of interstellar carbon chains; Cn,Expand
Accurate rotational constants for linear interstellar carbon chains: achieving experimental accuracy
Linear carbon chain molecular species remain the dominant theme in interstellar chemistry. Their continuous astronomical observation depends on the availability of accurate spectroscopic parameters.Expand