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Why ought the philosophy curriculum in universities in Africa be Africanised?
The position that I defend and argue for in this paper is that we ought to or are obligated to Africanise the philosophy curriculum in universities in Africa. This obligation is grounded on theExpand
Ubuntu, Cosmopolitanism, and Distribution of Natural Resources
Abstract In this paper, I argue that Ubuntu can be construed as a strict form of cosmopolitan moral and political theory. The implication of this is that the duty or obligation that humans owe otherExpand
Privatization in Nigeria, Social Welfare, and the Obligation of Social Justice
Abstract Privatization—the process of transferring control and ownership (partial or total) of an enterprise, business or agency, or the production of goods and services from the public sectorExpand
Anthropocentrism, African Metaphysical Worldview, and Animal Practices: A Reply to Kai Horsthemke
Abstract:In his recently published book Animals and African Ethics, Kai Horsthemke (2015) makes two important and related claims. The first is that most African metaphysical, religious, and ethicalExpand
The State of African Philosophy in Africa
In this chapter we begin some empirical legwork into the question in respect of the sort of intellectual progress that has been made by African philosophers or African philosophy following theExpand
In this paper I unpack some nuanced aspects of cultural imperialism against the backdrop of Du Bois’s analysis in The souls of black folk, dealing with the confrontation of African Americans orExpand
Post-Modern Thinking and African Philosophy
I want to do a couple of things in this essay. First, I want to articulate the central direction that postmodern thinking or philosophy (or postmodernism or postmodernity) takes. Second, I want toExpand
Religion, culture, and discrimination against persons with disabilities in Nigeria
Background There is not a lot in the literature on disability in Nigeria concerning the role that religion, culture and beliefs play in sustaining discriminatory practices against persons withExpand
Genetic Enhancement, Social Justice, and Welfare‐Oriented Patterns of Distribution
The debate over the host of moral issues that genetic enhancement technology (GET) raises has been significant. One argument that has been advanced to impugn its moral legitimacy is the 'unfairExpand