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Constituents and antimicrobial properties of the leaf essential oil of Gossypium barbadense (Linn.)
The chemical composition of the Nigerian-grown cotton leaf essential oil, Gossypium barbadense L., (Malvaceae) analyzed by GC and GC/MS techniques revealed the presence of nineteen components,Expand
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Chemical composition, antimicrobial, and cytotoxicity studies on S. erianthum and S. macranthum essential oils
Context: Solanum erianthum D. Don and Solanum macranthum Dunal (Solanaceae) are widely used in traditional medicine. The leaves act as an abortifacient and in particular to treat leucorrhoea, sores,Expand
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Larvicidal Activity of Turmerone-Rich Essential Oils of Curcuma longa. Leaf and Rhizome from Nigeria on Anopheles gambiae.
Abstract The essential oils from the leaves and rhizomes of Curcuma longa. L. (Zingiberaceae) were subjected to larvicidal toxicity studies on Anopheles gambiae., the malaria vector. The leafExpand
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Studies on the utilization of Hura crepitans L. seed oil in the preparation of alkyd resins
Abstract The utilization of Hura crepitans seed oil in the formulation of alkyd resins was investigated using a two-stage alcoholysis-polyesterification method. The percentage yield of the oil wasExpand
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Preparation and Evaluation of Cucumeropsis mannii Naud. Seed Oil Metallic Soaps as Driers in Gloss Paint
The physicochemical properties and fatty acid composition of Cucumeropsis mannii (egusi, melon) seed oil was determined. Cucumeropsis mannii seed oil was utilized in the preparation of metal soaps ofExpand
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Industrial Potential of Two Varieties of Cocoyam in Bread Making
The evaluation of the chemical (proximate composition, mineral composition, toxicant composition and vitamin composition), nutritional and industrial potentials of two varieties of cocoyamExpand
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Essential Oil Constituents and Biological Activities of Peristrophe Bicalyculata and Borreria verticillata #
Peristrophe bicalyculata (Retz) Nees (Acanthaceae) or ‘The Goddess of Mercy’ and Borreria verticillata (L.) G.F.W. Mey., (Rubiaceae), or ‘Irawo-Ile’ (Yoruba, South-west, Nigeria), are annual herbs,Expand
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Characterization and Antioxidant Activity of Volatile Constituents from Different Parts of Aframomum danielli (Hook) K. Schum
Background: Aframomum danielli is used in ethno-medicine for the treatment of several ailments and as a traditional food spice. Methods: The hydro-distilled leaf, stem, seed, rhizome and pod volatileExpand
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Investigation Into In-Vitro Radical Scavenging And In-Vivo Anti-Inflammatory Potential Of Tridax procumbens
Tridax procumbens , is a common annual weed in the West African sub-region and other tropical zones of the world and is known as “coat buttons”. Traditional medical practitioners (TMPs) and theExpand
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The chorio-allantoic membrane (CAM) and hen’s egg test (HET-CAM) assays are based on neo-vascularisation (angiogenesis) in fertilised hens’s egg embryo. Therefore inhibition of angiogenesis is aExpand
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