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Restoration of ovarian activity and pregnancy after transplantation of cryopreserved ovarian tissue: a review of 60 cases of reimplantation.
Aggressive chemotherapy/radiotherapy and bone marrow transplantation can cure >90% of girls and young women affected by disorders requiring such treatment. However, the ovaries are very sensitive toExpand
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Two successful pregnancies following autotransplantation of frozen/thawed ovarian tissue.
BACKGROUND Cryopreservation of the ovarian cortex with subsequent autotransplantation has, on an experimental basis, been performed to preserve fertility in women being treated for a malignantExpand
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Family Polymorphism
  • E. Ernst
  • Computer Science
  • 18 June 2001
This paper takes polymorphism to the multi-object level. Traditional inheritance, polymorphism, and late binding interact nicely to provide both flexibility and safety - when a method is invoked onExpand
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Relation between semen quality and fertility: a population-based study of 430 first-pregnancy planners
BACKGROUND Semen analysis is part of the routine assessment of infertile couples. WHO defines a sperm concentration above 20x10(6) per mL seminal fluid as normal. We studied the association betweenExpand
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Adding wildcards to the Java programming language
This paper describes wildcards, a new language construct designed to increase the flexibility of object-oriented type systems with parameterized classes. Based on the notion of use-site variance, wildcards provide a type safe abstraction over different instantiations of parameterized Classes by using '?' to denote unspecified type arguments. Expand
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A Virtual Class Calculus
Virtual classes are class-valued attributes of objects. Like virtual methods, virtual classes are defined in an object’s class and may be redefined within subclasses. They resemble inner classes,Expand
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Oxidative DNA damage in human sperm influences time to pregnancy.
BACKGROUND Oxidative stress and related DNA damage in human sperm may be important for fecundity and pregnancy outcome. METHODS We studied the level of oxidative DNA damage in terms ofExpand
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LH-receptor gene expression in human granulosa and cumulus cells from antral and preovulatory follicles.
CONTEXT Human granulosa cells (GC) acquire LH receptor (LHR) expression during the follicular phase of the menstrual cycle. Currently, the precise follicular stage is unknown, and specific roles ofExpand
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Cryopreservation of ovarian tissue for a decade in Denmark: a view of the technique.
This paper presents the Danish 10-year experience (1999-2009) with cryopreservation (n=386) and autotransplantation of ovarian tissue (n=18). Before applying the technique to humans, the method wasExpand
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