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von Recklinghausen's disease and pheochromocytomas.
PURPOSE We review the literature and characterize the clinical findings of von Recklinghausen's associated pheochromocytoma. MATERIALS AND METHODS A Grateful Med search for the years 1966 to 1999Expand
Parenchymal sparing surgery in patients with hereditary renal cell carcinoma: 10-year experience.
PURPOSE von Hippel-Lindau disease, hereditary papillary renal cell carcinoma, the Birt-Hogg-Dubé syndrome and familial renal oncocytoma are familial renal tumor syndromes. These hereditary disordersExpand
Neutrophils accumulate and contribute to skeletal muscle dysfunction after ischemia-reperfusion.
Skeletal muscles subjected to ischemia and then reperfusion develop contractile dysfunction for reasons that are unclear. We found that rats pretreated with vinblastine 4 days before study hadExpand
Xanthine oxidase-derived H2O2 contributes to reperfusion injury of ischemic skeletal muscle.
We hypothesized that xanthine oxidase (XO)-derived hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) contributes to ischemic skeletal muscle injury during reperfusion. We found that after ischemia (3 h) and then reperfusionExpand
Laparoscopic versus subinguinal varicocelectomy: a comparative study.
OBJECTIVE To determine the relative advantages of the laparoscopic approach to varicocelectomy, postoperative morbidity and pain in patients undergoing subinguinal varicocelectomies were comparedExpand
Imaging of the umbilicus and periumbilical region.
Umbilical disorders can be classified according to embryonic remnants contained in the umbilicus, including the urachus, omphalomesenteric duct, and round ligament of the liver; the extraperitonealExpand
Loss of uteroglobin expression in prostate cancer: relationship to advancing grade.
We have shown previously that the secretory protein uteroglobin (UG) is highly expressed in normal human prostate tissue but this expression is either lost or altered in human prostate cancer cellExpand
Iron overload in urban Africans in the 1990s
BACKGROUND In a previously described model, heterozygotes for an African iron loading locus develop iron overload only when dietary iron is high, but homozygotes may do so with normal dietary iron.Expand
Purpose: We review the literature and characterize the clinical findings of von Recklinghausen’s associated pheochromocytoma. Materials and Methods: A Grateful Med search for the years 1966 to 1999Expand
Laparoscopic diagnosis and clinical management of a solitary nonpalpable cryptorchid testicle in a postpubertal male.
The incidence of cryptorchidism is 0.8% at age 1 year with nonpalpable testes in 13% to 34% of patients.1 About half of these nonpalpable testes are intra-abdominal and half are absent.1, 2Expand