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Ethnopharmacological studies of antimicrobial remedies in the south of Brazil.
This study reports the antimicrobial evaluation of the species most commonly used in Rio Grande do Sul (RS), the southernmost state of Brazil, for treating conditions likely to be associated withExpand
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Antidepressant-like effects of melatonin in the mouse chronic mild stress model.
Melatonin is a hormone primarily synthesized by the pineal gland and has been shown to govern seasonal and circadian rhythms, as well as the immune system, certain behaviours, and responses toExpand
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Effects of inhaled Linalool in anxiety, social interaction and aggressive behavior in mice.
Aromatherapy uses essential oils (EOs) for several medical purposes, including relaxation. The association between the use of aromas and a decrease in anxiety could be a valuable instrument inExpand
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Inhaled linalool-induced sedation in mice.
Linalool is a monoterpene often found as a major component of essential oils obtained from aromatic plant species, many of which are used in traditional medical systems as hypno-sedatives.Expand
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Sedative properties of linalool
Linalool is a monoterpene compound reported to be a major component of essential oils of several aromatic species. Several linalool-producing species are used in traditional medical systems,Expand
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Effects of linalool on glutamatergic system in the rat cerebral cortex
Linalool is a monoterpene compound reported to be a major component of essential oils in, various aromatic species. Several Linalool-producing species are used in traditional medical systems,Expand
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Anticonvulsant properties of linalool in glutamate-related seizure models.
In order to investigate the pharmacodynamic basis of the previously-established anticonvulsant properties of linalool, we examined the effects of this compound on behavioral and neurochemical aspectsExpand
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Seeking a transdisciplinary and culturally germane science: The future of ethnopharmacology.
Publication of the 100th issue of the Journal of Ethnopharmacology offers a strategic juncture to reflect on what, intellectually and practically, substantiates ethnopharmacology as a domain ofExpand
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Effects of Linalool on Glutamate Release and Uptake in Mouse Cortical Synaptosomes
Linalool, a monoterpene compound prevalent in essential oil of plant species traditionally used as sedatives, has been characterized as anticonvulsant in several experimental models. LinaloolExpand
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