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Impacts of Viscous Dissipation and Brownian motion on Jeffrey Nanofluid Flow over an Unsteady Stretching Surface with Thermophoresis
Graphical outcomes indicate that an augmentation in buoyance ratio and thermophoretic parameter leads to diminish the velocity curves and increase the temperature curves, and it is inspected that escalating Deborah number exhibits increasing in the skin friction and salient decreasing heat transmission.
A New Method for Solving Singularly Perturbed Boundary Value Problems
In this paper, a new initial value method for solving a class of nonlinear singularly perturbed boundary value problems with a boundary layer at one end is proposed. The method is designed for the
Magneto-Hybrid Nanofluids Flow via Mixed Convection past a Radiative Circular Cylinder
It is witnessed that both drag coefficient and Nusselt number have greater magnitude for Cu-water followed by hybrid nanofluid and Al 2 O 3 -water, and the value of the drag coefficient declines versus the enlarged solid volume fraction.
The Improved \(\frac{G'}{G}\)- Expansion Method for Solving \((3+1)\)-Dimensional Potential- YTSF Equation
In this paper, the improved \(\frac{G'}{G}\)-expansion method is used to construct explicit the traveling wave solutions involving parameters of the \((3+1)\)-dimensional potential-YTSF equation,
Adaptation of Conformable Residual Power Series Scheme in Solving Nonlinear Fractional Quantum Mechanics Problems
In this paper, the general state of quantum mechanics equations that can be typically expressed by nonlinear fractional Schrödinger models will be solved based on an attractive efficient analytical
The Impact of Sinusoidal Surface Temperature on the Natural Convective Flow of a Ferrofluid along a Vertical Plate
The spotlight of this investigation is primarily the effectiveness of the magnetic field on the natural convective for a Fe3O4 ferrofluid flow over a vertical radiate plate using streamwise