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Review of Passive and Active Circuits for Power Factor Correction in Single Phase, Low Power AC-
The increasing growth in the use of electronic equipment in recent years has resulted in a greater need to ensure that the line current harmonic content of any equipment connected to the ac mains isExpand
Digital Control of Boost PFC AC-DC Converters with Predictive Control
For digital power-factor correction (PFC) control methods, the duty cycle is calculated in every switching period. One main implementation barrier is the limited switching frequency, due to theExpand
An Adaptive Fuzzy Logic Control Strategy for Performance Enhancement of a Grid-Connected PMSG-Based Wind Turbine
A novel adaptive fuzzy logic control strategy for performance improvement of a grid-tied wind generator system that is compared to that achieved using particle swarm optimization algorithm based an optimal proportional-integral controller, considering severe grid disturbances. Expand
Hybrid ANFIS-GA-based control scheme for performance enhancement of a grid-connected wind generator
This study presents a novel application of a hybrid adaptive neuro-fuzzy inference system (ANFIS)-genetic algorithm (GA)-based control scheme to enhance the performance of a variable-speed windExpand
Wind Energy Conversion System Topologies and Converters: Comparative Review
Abstract Sources of renewable energy such as wind energy are indigenous and can help in decreasing the reliance on non-renewable energy sources. After introducing the history of wind energyExpand
Power Factor Correction Using Predictive Current Control for Three-phase Induction Motor Drive System
Abstract This paper presents the study of a three phase pulse width modulation inverter-fed induction motor drive with single phase utility input, with and without a power factor correction circuitExpand
Fuzzy PLL for three-level neutral point clamped active rectifiers
This paper proposes a new design of synchronous reference frame phase locked loops-based fuzzy logic control employed for three-level medium voltage neutral-point-clamped rectifiers. SystematicExpand
Three-phase active power filter based on current controlled voltage source inverter
This paper presents a shunt active power filter to compensate reactive power and reduce the unwanted harmonics. A shunt active filter is realized employing three-phase voltage source inverter (VSI)Expand
Frequency Adaptive CDSC-PLL Using Axis Drift Control Under Adverse Grid Condition
A new technique to adapt the cascaded delayed signal cancellation phase-locked loop (CDSC-PLL) using a proposed axis drift control (ADC) as an online adaptive technique that contains a self-tuned DSC operator to mitigate the grid disturbances and a PI controller to perform the adaptation task. Expand
A Novel Dynamic Switching Table Based Direct Power Control Strategy for Grid Connected Converters
A novel dynamic switching table for the DPC that dynamically adapts the switching table by feeding forward the actual grid and dc-link voltages, and hence the converter's power is precisely controlled. Expand