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Reed Solomon Codes for Molecular Communication With a Full Absorption Receiver
Molecular communication (MC) has recently emerged as a novel paradigm for nano-scale communication utilizing molecules as information carriers. Expand
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On the exact formula for the minimum squared Euclidean distance of CPFSK
In a paper by Rimoldi (see ibid., vol.39, no.9, p.1280, 1991) the closed-form expression for the minimum squared Euclidean distance of continuous-phase frequency-shift-keyed (CPFSK) signals with modulation index h/spl les/1/2 was derived. Expand
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Equal-gain combining diversity reception of M-ary cpsk signals in nakagami fading
  • E. Ekanayake
  • Mathematics, Computer Science
  • IEEE Communications Letters
  • 1 April 2010
An expression for the average symbol error rate of M-ary coherent phase-shift-keyed (CPSK) signals for equal-gain combining (EGC) diversity reception in slow Nakagami fading channels is derived using the characteristic function method. Expand
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A simple and short proof of Fermat’s last theorem for n = 3
Fermat’s last theorem for n = 7 was first proved[1],[2] by Lame in 1839 and some others developed proofs later. None of the proofs is easy to understand and extended for all primes. Germain SophieExpand