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Compact heat exchangers
This third edition is an update of the second edition published in 1964. New data and more modern theoretical solutions for flow in the simple geometries are included, although this edition does notExpand
Effects of hole geometry and density on three-dimensional film cooling
Abstract Film cooling downstream of secondary gas injection through discrete holes has been studied experimentally. The influences of hole geometry, secondary fluid density, and mainstream boundaryExpand
Flow visualization in a linear turbine cascade of high performance turbine blades
Multiple smoke wires are used to investigate the secondary flow near the endwall of a plane cascade with blade shapes as used in high performance turbine stages. The wires are positioned parallel toExpand
Heat transfer and friction in tubes with repeated-rib roughness
Heat transfer and friction correlations are developed for turbulent flow in tubes having a repeated-rib roughness. The friction correlation is based on law of the wall similarity and is the sameExpand
Application of rough surfaces to heat exchanger design
Abstract Equations are developed to define the performance advantage of roughened tubes in heat exchanger design, relative to smooth tubes of equal diameter. Three rough tube applications areExpand
Film Cooling With Injection Through Holes: Adiabatic Wall Temperatures Downstream of a Circular Hole
Experiments to determine film cooling with air injection through holes into turbulent air boundary layer on flat plate
Forced, mixed, and free convection regimes