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Cognitive and attentional mechanisms in delay of gratification.
Three experiments investigated attentional and cognitive mechanisms in delay of gratification In each study preschool children could obtain a less preferred reward immediately or continue waitingExpand
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On the Form of Forgetting
Almost everyone would agree that the course of forgetting is some curvilinear function of time. The purpose of the research described herein was to identify the nature of that function. ThreeExpand
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Attention in delay of gratification.
The role of altcntional processes in voluntary delay of reward was explored by manipulating children's attention to the rewards for which they were waiting in a delay-of-gratification paradigm.Expand
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Genuine power curves in forgetting: A quantitative analysis of individual subject forgetting functions
Wixted and Ebbesen (1991) showed that forgetting functions produced by a variety of procedures are often well described by the power function, at−b, where a and b are free parameters. However, all ofExpand
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Retention interval and eyewitness memory for events and personal identifying attributes.
The effect of varying the retention interval after an interaction with a stranger on the accuracy of memory for events and for personal identifying characteristics at 2 recall attempts wasExpand
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Observational goals and schema activation: A theoretical framework for behavior perception
A framework for behavioral observation is described in which the processing of a stream of behavior is influenced by an individual's prior knowledge about behavior, organized into cognitiveExpand
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Cognitive processes in choice and decision behavior
Abstract : Recent years have been important changes in research in behavioral decision theory in terms of a shift from a reliance on economic and statistical models to an emphasis on concepts drawnExpand
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Decision Making and Information Integration in the Courts: The Setting of Bail
Two studies were conducted to determine how real felony court judges decide the amount of bail to set. In the first, the judges were presented with fictitious case histories containing the relevantExpand
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Simultaneous v. sequential lineups: What do we really know?
We show that recent interest in sequential lineup testing procedures on false alarm and hit rates might be premature. Expand
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