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Social stigma: The psychology of marked relationships
Thank you very much for reading social stigma the psychology of marked relationships. Maybe you have knowledge that, people have search numerous times for their favorite books like this social stigmaExpand
From Acts To Dispositions The Attribution Process In Person Perception1
Publisher Summary This chapter describes the naive explanation of human actions, theory of correspondent inferences, personal involvement and correspondence, and the recent research concerningExpand
The Attribution of Attitudes
Abstract Three experiments were conducted within the framework of correspondent inference theory. In each of the experiments the subjects were instructed to estimate the “true” attitude of a targetExpand
Drug choice as a self-handicapping strategy in response to noncontingent success.
Experiment 2 replicated the unique preference shown by males after noncontingent success and showed the critical importance of success feedback. Expand
Control of Attributions about the Self Through Self-handicapping Strategies: The Appeal of Alcohol and the Role of Underachievement
Explores the hypothesis that alcohol use and underachievement may serve as strategies to externalize the causation of poor performance and to internalize the causation of good performance. Such aExpand
The rocky road from acts to dispositions.