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Issues in the development of approaches to container loading
The paper argues that existing approaches to container loading problems are each applicable only to a narrow part of the spectrum of situations encountered in practice and that there are manyExpand
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Loading pallets with non-identical items
Abstract This paper addresses what has been called the ‘Distributor's Pallet Packing Problem’, i.e. the problem of loading a pallet with non-homogeneous items. A new heuristic approach to thisExpand
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Weight distribution considerations in container loading
A major drawback of the current literature on container loading is the lack of consideration of many practical issues. The weight distribution of the cargo is one such aspect which has been largelyExpand
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A comparative evaluation of heuristics for container loading
Abstract This paper is concerned with the development of heuristics for determining efficient packing patterns in loading freight containers with rectangular items. A focal point is theExpand
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Loading Multiple Pallets
This paper addresses the problem of loading pallets with non-identical items, i.e. what has been called the ‘Distributor's Pallet Packing Problem’. It concentrates on the situation where theExpand
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Allowing for weight considerations in container loading
Only very few of the existing container loading algorithms include in their logic any references to the weight or the load bearing abilities of the items to be stowed. The paper aims to make aExpand
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Stability aspects of pallet loading
SummaryThe algorithm-orientated literature on packing problems has concentrated on methods for achieving an efficient utilisation of the transport or storage medium concerned. Many problems arisingExpand
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Analysing trade-offs in container loading: combining load plan construction heuristics with agent-based simulation
In this paper we describe two operations research techniques, cutting and packing optimisation (CPO) and simulation, and present a multi-methodology approach for analysing the trade-offs betweenExpand
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A multi-methodology agent-based approach for Container Loading
The paper deals with container loading and contends that combining Container Loading Algorithms (CLAs) with Agent-Based Simulation (ABS) is a feasible and useful way of analyzing trade-offs betweenExpand
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