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Time Perspective and Correlates of Wellbeing
This study investigated correlates of five time perspectives (TPs) and the Balanced Time Perspective (BTP) construct proposed by Zimbardo and colleagues. Two hundred and sixty Scottish participantsExpand
Effects of guided written disclosure of stressful experiences on clinic visits and symptoms in frequent clinic attenders.
The findings extend previous findings to frequent clinic users, using a new form of written disclosure aimed at shifting trauma from implicit to explicit memory and may be an inexpensive additional intervention in primary care for reducing symptoms and clinic visits among frequent clinic attendees. Expand
Educational needs of hospice social workers: Spiritual assessment and interventions with diverse populations
The roles and educational needs of hospice social workers regarding assessment and intervention in spirituality, religion, and diversity of their patients are analyzed and recommendations for social work practice, education, and research are provided. Expand
The Effects of Guided Written Disclosure on Psychological Symptoms Among Parents of Children With Cancer
It is suggested that the GDP may reduce PTSS in distressed PCWC, as significant reductions were found in PTSS from the first baseline to postwriting, but not in depression. Expand
Seasonal variation in the distribution of daily stepping in 11-13 year old school children.
Total steps/day masked sex differences within specific hours of the day, particularly evening times, required to fully understand differences between sexes and across seasons. Expand
Emotional and behavioral changes in parents of children affected by hemolytic-uremic syndrome associated with verocytotoxin-producing Escherichia coli: a qualitative analysis.
Content analysis demonstrated that this cohort of parents experienced long-term emotional distress and substantive disruption to family and daily life in the care of patients' families. Expand
Positive Emotional Experiences in Scottish and Italian Young Adults: a Diary Study
This research focused on the nature and frequency of positive emotion in a sample of Scottish and Italian young adults and is part of larger scale on-going cross-cultural studies on positive emotion,Expand
Can Written Disclosure Reduce Psychological Distress and Increase Objectively Measured Injury Mobility of Student-Athletes? A Randomized Controlled Trial
Injured students-athletes took part in a randomized controlled trial to test whether written disclosure could reduce psychological distress and improve injury mobility, and evidenced a significant improvement in injury mobility compared to controls. Expand