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Discovery of inhibitory activity of tenuazonic acid for growth of human adenocarcinoma-1.
Activity of fosfomycin against Pasteurella.
SUMMARY The minimal inhibitory concentration (MIC) of fosfomycin, penicillin G, oxytetracycline, dihydrostreptomycin, and novobiocin was determined for 27 isolants of Pasteurella multocida, nineExpand
A folic acid linked system in bacterial cell wall synthesis?
Observations on Streptomyces Griseus. VI. Further Studies on Strain Selection for Improved Streptomycin Production
Through the use of ultraviolet light, x-rays and natural selection, mutants were obtained that were capable of producing markedly higher streptomycin broth potencies than the starting culture. The ...
Studies on ergosterol production by yeasts.
Steroid transformation by Dactylium dendroides (Bulliard) Fries.
MCCULLOUGH, N. B., AND EISELE, C. W. 1951c Experimental human salmonellosis. III. Pathogenicity of strains of Salmonella newport, Salmonella derby, and Salmonella bareilly obtained from spray-driedExpand
Transformation of progesterone to 17alpha-hydroxyprogesterone by Trichoderma viride Pers. ex Fries.
Abstract The introduction of a 17α-hydroxyl group in progesterone by the microorganism Trichoderma viride has been demonstrated. A method involving preparative paper-strip chromatography is describedExpand