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Functional impact of global rare copy number variation in autism spectrum disorders
The autism spectrum disorders (ASDs) are a group of conditions characterized by impairments in reciprocal social interaction and communication, and the presence of restricted and repetitiveExpand
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Synaptic, transcriptional, and chromatin genes disrupted in autism
The genetic architecture of autism spectrum disorder involves the interplay of common and rare variants and their impact on hundreds of genes. Using exome sequencing, here we show that analysis ofExpand
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Genetic relationship between five psychiatric disorders estimated from genome-wide SNPs
Most psychiatric disorders are moderately to highly heritable. The degree to which genetic variation is unique to individual disorders or shared across disorders is unclear. To examine shared geneticExpand
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Convergence of Genes and Cellular Pathways Dysregulated in Autism Spectrum Disorders
Rare copy-number variation (CNV) is an important source of risk for autism spectrum disorders (ASDs). We analyzed 2,446 ASD-affected families and confirmed an excess of genic deletions andExpand
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A genome-wide scan for common alleles affecting risk for autism
Although autism spectrum disorders (ASDs) have a substantial genetic basis, most of the known genetic risk has been traced to rare variants, principally copy number variants (CNVs). To identifyExpand
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Individual common variants exert weak effects on the risk for autism spectrum disorders
While it is apparent that rare variation can play an important role in the genetic architecture of autism spectrum disorders (ASDs), the contribution of common variation to the risk of developing ASDExpand
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Genetic and Functional Analyses of SHANK2 Mutations Suggest a Multiple Hit Model of Autism Spectrum Disorders
Autism spectrum disorders (ASD) are a heterogeneous group of neurodevelopmental disorders with a complex inheritance pattern. While many rare variants in synaptic proteins have been identified inExpand
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Genetics of autistic disorders: review and clinical implications
Twin and family studies in autistic disorders (AD) have elucidated a high heritability of AD. In this literature review, we will present an overview on molecular genetic studies in AD and highlightExpand
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Sex differences in cognitive domains and their clinical correlates in higher-functioning autism spectrum disorders
Despite the skewed sex ratio, few studies have addressed possible cognitive sex differences in autism spectrum disorders (ASDs). This study compared visual attention to detail (ATTD) and selectedExpand
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Psychiatric genome-wide association study analyses implicate neuronal, immune and histone pathways
Genome-wide association studies (GWAS) of psychiatric disorders have identified multiple genetic associations with such disorders, but better methods are needed to derive the underlying biologicalExpand
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